Hey everybody !

if there is a somebody..oh well. :)  i would like to thank my mum and dad for taking time out to produce me. just because of a worm and an egg, this blog still became a reality. i would also like to extend my gratitude to my sister; my brother; my late fish; my present fishes (well, my dad's actually. but i'd like to claim part ownership of them too) ; my late green coloured tortoise; my present fake gold tortoises; my future son, cyril; and my daughters, whose names are unknown as of now as well as my future goldfish/dog, vanilla. it has actually taken me at least 3 years and a lot of months to make this blog. i really didn't know its so damn bloody hell mafan to make a blog. but due to my overspilling perseverance and everything else, this hot blog in my dream became a cool blog in reality. *feels a sense of success*
Before this, there were a lot of times when i WAS REALLY DETERMINED to start a blog..but it proves to be a true challenge as i gave up on the first step..the very first step..a lot of times..DO YOU KNOW WHATS THE FIRST STEP OF STARTING A BLOG?? if you don't, you can just go jump down the building now. so like every blogger usually vow, i shall vow that i will TRY to keep my blog updated. :) okay okay..time to introduce myself now.


Fung Wai Cheen's the name. it's pronounced as WHY CHIN btw. but my parents wanted to make me cooler so they gave me a double E. i feel so much cooler now. freeze ppl, FREEZE. I'm reminded yearly of how long it has been since i came out from my mum on the 5th of September 1990. if u need a list of the things i want for my birthday / before i die, do not hesitate to ask me for it. i will happily give it to you..even if you want me to photocopy 50990 of it so u can tell the whole world what i want for my birthday and get together and buy all of em for me. you might meet new friends/girlfriends/boyfriends/husband/wife. its ain't too much of a bad deal I'm telling you. my I-WANT-THIS!! list might be your stairway to happiness. even though its just a piece of paper, but please do not underestimate papers. they come from trees. and they can talk. in lord of the rings.  so yea wtv. bye


haha heyy ! to those who has read my very first post on this blog MIGHT realise that the things written above are very similar to...the very first post on my blog. Guilty as charged. I kinda just amended the original post a lil bit to hide my childishness so that its more updated. :D

Anyway, a lil more updates about myself in short.

x  currently a Diploma in Mass Communication holder from IACT College.
x  would like to continue studying. overseas preferably. UCSD preferably. but i doubt thats gonna happen =/ sighh

btw, i like bak kut teh.

and because you actually read what i wrote,


lots of,
Wai Cheen

Remember, its not that hard to remember