Just a quick update before I finally start doing my homework. lol 
It's Hani's 22nd birthday today! :)

(l-r) KarYan, me, Cynthia and Hani :)

This picture is from way back in 2009. 
The four of us taking pictures together for the 1st time, despite being friends since Form 1!
Really grateful to have met those 3 monsters on the first day of school. 
Stuck together since then :) 

Since KarYan is away in Canberra having the time of her life, Cynthia, Hani and I had a simple lunch to celebrate and catch up with each other. 
The place we went to is called Plan B (opposite Starbucks) at Bangsar Village 1. 
The place was PACKED when we arrived but their service was fast and good.
All 3 of us ordered vegetarian pastas.
Unfortunately, my Basil Pesto pasta was a letdown. It tasted creamy which was definitely not to my liking. 
The food portion was pretty generous though. lol 


got to get started on my homework.
monday tmr. sighhh
on the bright side, i seem to be making good progress with this blog.
*feels proud*