It's really about time i update my blog again.

I think those words have been said countless of times already. haha
But reading back my older posts from the past few years, I have come to realize the importance of this blog when it comes to rekindling long lost memories.
The people I used to hang out with, the things I used to do. So many old habits and adventures rediscovered.
There is even a noticeable change in my style of writing. [maturity perhaps? ;)]
So I may not totally love the process of blogging, but I've decided to brace it for the sake of my future happiness. in case i lose my memory or sth. lol

Therefore, now I'm in the midst of compiling all the blog entries that I have been meaning to post but never got to finish (bintulu worktrip, LIMA 2009, my epic shaving, etc).

It is definitely not gonna be much cause it is whats left of my memory of it. lol but at least its something! Some posts are dated 2 years back man.

So, watch this space! NEW UPDATES COMING SOON :)

Now i have to start compiling the pictures first.
sigh another downer of not having a camera of your own.
got to resort to stealing pictures from friends' facebook. Thank God for facebook. hahahahahaha


edit: HOMAIGAWDDD, one more to add to the list of entries to publish. Totally cannot believe that I forgot bout it. It's MY GRADUATION CEREMONY! .__."