heyyyyy !
i just got back from watching
The Twilight Saga : Eclipse.
  • Taylor Lautner was oozing with hotness la most of the time. He's not a very good actor though..a lil stoned in the beginning but i think he picked up rather well after that. outfit was blahhh. when i say outfit, i meant his pants..he didn't have any shirt on 98% of the time.
i prefer it when his hair is slightly covering his forehead rather than it being all up. hehe

i don't know why is he holding a sandal..his inner fetish perhaps? ;) hahaha
  • I REALLY REALLY LIKE HOW THE WEREWOLVES TRANSFORMED! it's so cool! in fact, i watched Eclipse just because of that..but it only happened once or twice throughout the whole movie =/
  • Why do the vampires die like ice smashed on the floor? i mean, just because they're cold-blooded does not mean they must die like an ice breaking right... ._.
  • seriously, what did Bella do to have two guys from totally different blood temperature willing to die for her?
  • Ashley Greene aka Alice is hot wey.
  • you know who else i thought was hot? Daddy Cullen aka Carlisle. :D
  • the newborns surfacing from the lake was quite a nice touch.
  • before the battle, they made it sound as if its gonna be a super tough battle with lives lost and all..but like biasa only. nobody died also. only one werewolf [:(] with broken bones. the fighting scene was portrayed pretty well but it didn't seem really tough to them. maybe because the werewolves were there ;) haha
overall the movie was just alright la. umm, a 5/10 maybe? slightly higher cause i really liked the werewolves ;)

i wanted to put a picture of them in their animal form..
but google images failed me. oh btw, all twilight related pictures ripped off from google images.

just fyi, i did not watch the first two movies..neither did i read the books.
so i literally went in with almost 0% of knowledge about twilight. *paiseh
and being a student interested in film, i know i should be commenting about the cinematography and all
but as unfilm-like it makes me sound, i usually don't pay much attention to it unless it really bothers me.
this one did but only once in a while. not much to mention about.

well, if it matters, i'm glad they gave edward cullen clothes to wear.

weird but his body just does not seem as appetizing, don't you think? haha


btw, guess what did i see on my laptop when i came back?
translation: how was twilight?

why hello, brother.
i can't wait to watch Inception !!!!!