i've been procrastinating a lot about updating my blog.
i remember reading somewhere and someone said,
"starting a blog is easy, maintaining a blog is the hard part."
i cannot agree more. *shame

but anyway, i found a link going around twitter just now.
thought i gave it a look and i was utterly appalled at what i saw.
there aren't many views on my blog, but i must spread this to whoever who reads this.
i may be in no position to say this, as i kill insects and sometimes i wish lizards, cockroaches and rats will just die or sth but..
it's bout time to stop animal abuse, for goodness sake.
here's the video:

i read from the comments and heard from the video that this took place in A'Famosa Resort, Melaka during the CNY week..which was almost 4 months ago.
i'm not sure if anyone has done anything about it yet.
Nevertheless, it still has happened and total shame on the person who came up with this dim-witted idea.
the caretaker was probably just doing his job, but what that he did is totally inhumane! where is his conscience seriously?!
i got my first shock when the first family wanted to take a picture,
he pulled the tiger's head up and adjusted his position so roughly, as if it was a toy.

notice that when he lets go of the tiger, the camera HAS to snap instantly as the tiger was actually falling back down. when visitors come in to take pictures one after another,
the guy pulled its whiskers and pinched its nose to sorta keep it up for a while.
are they experiencing loss that badly till they have to resort to these kind of things to gain a profit?
and were the visitors who took pictures that oblivious to notice that the tiger was not exactly very tiger-like AT ALL?
watching the video made me feel like that tiger was totally helpless and it does kinda looked heavily sedated, as speculated. i couldn't even see the tiger's eyes.

It looked dead when the caretakers left it alone. it didn't even care if ppl were touching! that not what a tiger does ! it is suppose to be roaring away or sth.. :(
kudos to the person recording it despite her friend asking her to not record as it'll be pointless.
They may be joking about it when she was recording but she certainly made a point when this was posted up on youtube and it is now being spread around.

where's PETA?
look, this is what A'Famosa Resort is doing to try to save the endangered.

i believe in karma.
what goes around, comes around.