Hey you guys!

so i've finally put something on my 'About' tab. take a read if you have the time..actually dont bother. i dont think its not worth the time. hahaha

okay, updates updates.

As you all know, i have to secure a full scholarship if i want to continue studying. so yea. i've been working on that. fingers crossed that it'll happen.

ooo the electricity went out/off (?) for a while just now. O_O

Its 1.31am now.

OH !

after so long, i finally ended my not-going-to-the-cinema drought by watching two movies in 3 days! haha
movie number 1: Solomon Kane

which i thought was just alright. a little boring actually. the usual slaying and save the girl shit. lol not so much worth the mention compared to....
movie number 2: ALICE IN WONDERLAND !

It was GOOD..well i have to say it was expected. it wasnt VERY GOOD but it was GOOD.
i enjoyed the movie throughout. only bout 1 hour 45 mins long actually.
the two fat boys and little Alice are sooo cuteeee !
in fact, all the characters were so prominent in their own way.
oh, and THE MAD HATTER. :D
althought its called ALICE in Wonderland, it kinda felt as if Mad Hatter made more buzz than Alice did. Johnny Depp perhaps? ;)
gosh i remembered i was so excited bout the movie a few days before it was released in the cinema, i downloaded the whole 'Almost Alice' album. Loved the songs. :)

yea, thats the album cover. how can anyone not love Johnny Depp?

okay, i'm gonna go off now.
will try to update with my Bintulu trip if i can/want/still remember anything about it.
here's a pic in case i dont.

i still cannot believe i ate that thing. that... DELICACY, some people say.