i finally did it !

i finally changed my blog template ;)
it looks so much more ceria now. lol but dont go clicking around la okayy..especially the top where the RSS stuff are. being a retard when it comes to HTML codes and all that shit, its obvious that i dont know how to get rid of it. haha
and the 'About' section is not done yet..too lazy to describe myself now. lol
but i feel so much more semangat-ed to blog now that my blog is so prettyyyy. :D

okay expect to see more blog posts from me soon!

i seriously hope im not giving anyone false hopes..
but you all probably gave up on me already la haha

oh and btw,


i dont know why im so hyped up at this hour. lol
nights ya'll !
yea i know
i should update my blog right?
wait la
i miss kumon =(