i envy those living the lives i want to live
those living the dreams i've always dreamt of living

i must have not worked hard enough

heyyyyy !
i just got back from watching
The Twilight Saga : Eclipse.
  • Taylor Lautner was oozing with hotness la most of the time. He's not a very good actor though..a lil stoned in the beginning but i think he picked up rather well after that. outfit was blahhh. when i say outfit, i meant his pants..he didn't have any shirt on 98% of the time.
i prefer it when his hair is slightly covering his forehead rather than it being all up. hehe

i don't know why is he holding a sandal..his inner fetish perhaps? ;) hahaha
  • I REALLY REALLY LIKE HOW THE WEREWOLVES TRANSFORMED! it's so cool! in fact, i watched Eclipse just because of that..but it only happened once or twice throughout the whole movie =/
  • Why do the vampires die like ice smashed on the floor? i mean, just because they're cold-blooded does not mean they must die like an ice breaking right... ._.
  • seriously, what did Bella do to have two guys from totally different blood temperature willing to die for her?
  • Ashley Greene aka Alice is hot wey.
  • you know who else i thought was hot? Daddy Cullen aka Carlisle. :D
  • the newborns surfacing from the lake was quite a nice touch.
  • before the battle, they made it sound as if its gonna be a super tough battle with lives lost and all..but like biasa only. nobody died also. only one werewolf [:(] with broken bones. the fighting scene was portrayed pretty well but it didn't seem really tough to them. maybe because the werewolves were there ;) haha
overall the movie was just alright la. umm, a 5/10 maybe? slightly higher cause i really liked the werewolves ;)

i wanted to put a picture of them in their animal form..
but google images failed me. oh btw, all twilight related pictures ripped off from google images.

just fyi, i did not watch the first two movies..neither did i read the books.
so i literally went in with almost 0% of knowledge about twilight. *paiseh
and being a student interested in film, i know i should be commenting about the cinematography and all
but as unfilm-like it makes me sound, i usually don't pay much attention to it unless it really bothers me.
this one did but only once in a while. not much to mention about.

well, if it matters, i'm glad they gave edward cullen clothes to wear.

weird but his body just does not seem as appetizing, don't you think? haha


btw, guess what did i see on my laptop when i came back?
translation: how was twilight?

why hello, brother.
i can't wait to watch Inception !!!!!
i've been procrastinating a lot about updating my blog.
i remember reading somewhere and someone said,
"starting a blog is easy, maintaining a blog is the hard part."
i cannot agree more. *shame

but anyway, i found a link going around twitter just now.
thought i gave it a look and i was utterly appalled at what i saw.
there aren't many views on my blog, but i must spread this to whoever who reads this.
i may be in no position to say this, as i kill insects and sometimes i wish lizards, cockroaches and rats will just die or sth but..
it's bout time to stop animal abuse, for goodness sake.
here's the video:

i read from the comments and heard from the video that this took place in A'Famosa Resort, Melaka during the CNY week..which was almost 4 months ago.
i'm not sure if anyone has done anything about it yet.
Nevertheless, it still has happened and total shame on the person who came up with this dim-witted idea.
the caretaker was probably just doing his job, but what that he did is totally inhumane! where is his conscience seriously?!
i got my first shock when the first family wanted to take a picture,
he pulled the tiger's head up and adjusted his position so roughly, as if it was a toy.

notice that when he lets go of the tiger, the camera HAS to snap instantly as the tiger was actually falling back down. when visitors come in to take pictures one after another,
the guy pulled its whiskers and pinched its nose to sorta keep it up for a while.
are they experiencing loss that badly till they have to resort to these kind of things to gain a profit?
and were the visitors who took pictures that oblivious to notice that the tiger was not exactly very tiger-like AT ALL?
watching the video made me feel like that tiger was totally helpless and it does kinda looked heavily sedated, as speculated. i couldn't even see the tiger's eyes.

It looked dead when the caretakers left it alone. it didn't even care if ppl were touching! that not what a tiger does ! it is suppose to be roaring away or sth.. :(
kudos to the person recording it despite her friend asking her to not record as it'll be pointless.
They may be joking about it when she was recording but she certainly made a point when this was posted up on youtube and it is now being spread around.

where's PETA?
look, this is what A'Famosa Resort is doing to try to save the endangered.

i believe in karma.
what goes around, comes around.

Hey you guys!

so i've finally put something on my 'About' tab. take a read if you have the time..actually dont bother. i dont think its not worth the time. hahaha

okay, updates updates.

As you all know, i have to secure a full scholarship if i want to continue studying. so yea. i've been working on that. fingers crossed that it'll happen.

ooo the electricity went out/off (?) for a while just now. O_O

Its 1.31am now.

OH !

after so long, i finally ended my not-going-to-the-cinema drought by watching two movies in 3 days! haha
movie number 1: Solomon Kane

which i thought was just alright. a little boring actually. the usual slaying and save the girl shit. lol not so much worth the mention compared to....
movie number 2: ALICE IN WONDERLAND !

It was GOOD..well i have to say it was expected. it wasnt VERY GOOD but it was GOOD.
i enjoyed the movie throughout. only bout 1 hour 45 mins long actually.
the two fat boys and little Alice are sooo cuteeee !
in fact, all the characters were so prominent in their own way.
oh, and THE MAD HATTER. :D
althought its called ALICE in Wonderland, it kinda felt as if Mad Hatter made more buzz than Alice did. Johnny Depp perhaps? ;)
gosh i remembered i was so excited bout the movie a few days before it was released in the cinema, i downloaded the whole 'Almost Alice' album. Loved the songs. :)

yea, thats the album cover. how can anyone not love Johnny Depp?

okay, i'm gonna go off now.
will try to update with my Bintulu trip if i can/want/still remember anything about it.
here's a pic in case i dont.

i still cannot believe i ate that thing. that... DELICACY, some people say.


you know this was suppose to be a happy pappy sappy wtv post.
i wanted to blog about my outdated trip to sarawak and cny.
but now im just so stressed out that this post is going to turn into some rant post.
honestly, i've been so stressed out trying to find a way to further my education till i dont even feel like studying anymore.
why is it so hard for me to WANT TO CONTINUE STUDYING?
im not gonna say i've been doing everything i can but im not slacking either!
everything just doesnt seem to be going the way i want it to be right now.
some people have it the easy way.
they get to study anywhere and anything they want.
all they had to do was to pop out of their mother's vagina.
its their luck i guess. karma perhaps? lol

why is it so hard for me to want to continue studying what i want to study?

"..but its not exactly what im interested in"
" right now its not a matter of interest anymore. its a matter of survival. "

..and i got an instant slap back to reality.
as much as i want to deny it, there is truth in that sentence my uncle told me.
so what if im interested in media art? am i going to survive?

"why did you choose to study this course? its hard to find job"
"its hard to succeed in this industry"
"you should have studied __________, not mass comm"

like ftshit man. why wasnt i smart enough to study medicine or some shit like that. why wasnt i interested in something else like engineering or accounting or some shit like that.

i really hope i make it through.. but right now, i cant help but wonder if its worth the risk.

and again,


can a full scholarship please just fall on my lap? =(


i finally did it !

i finally changed my blog template ;)
it looks so much more ceria now. lol but dont go clicking around la okayy..especially the top where the RSS stuff are. being a retard when it comes to HTML codes and all that shit, its obvious that i dont know how to get rid of it. haha
and the 'About' section is not done yet..too lazy to describe myself now. lol
but i feel so much more semangat-ed to blog now that my blog is so prettyyyy. :D

okay okayy..so expect to see more blog posts from me soon!

i seriously hope im not giving anyone false hopes..
but you all probably gave up on me already la haha

oh and btw,


i dont know why im so hyped up at this hour. lol
nights ya'll !
yea i know
i should update my blog right?
wait la
i miss kumon =(