i have work in 5 hours time. on a sunday. =/
anyway, will be leaving for bintulu in 3 days time.
then, when i touch down in kl from bintulu, i'll be heading straight to langkawi for another job.
somehow, i'm not quite looking forward to being away from home for 19 days. lol
i have no clue on how bintulu is like and everyone's been telling me that bintulu is all trees and forest. T_T
i googled for images of bintulu and this is what i got.


the pictures look pretty old but the place doesnt look too bad right? :)
and my bro told me we'll be rooming together for the whole 9 days in bintulu.
he said he's gonna learn how to snore just to annoy the shit out of me. lol

after bintulu, langkawi awaits.
i can only wish its another vacation.
too bad i'm going to cheap liquor island this time for work. T_T

oh well, i still cant figure out how im going to pack.
somemore i damn cheapskate.. didnt wanna pay for luggage check-in.
so will be hand carrying my luggage to langkawi. T_T
i'll be missing my parents and my room. =(

bintulu : nov 18th - nov 27th
langkawi : nov 27th - dec 6th