10th Asian Australian Football Championships

if its not obvious enough yet,pics are stolen from dan and jk.
two days ago,
i turned 19.
it felt like...
any other day.

im not complaining man.
i think the birthday excitement thing is really wearing off year by year.
but this year's birthday is certainly different though.
people who used to call, dont call anymore.
and i was working for almost 13 hours.
so half my day was spent there, with a lot of cute australian kids. hehe
will try to post a pic of a particular kid i adore if i can get the pics from dan.
then i had a simple kfc dinner with my family.
i was too lazy and tired to go anywhere else.
plus, my parents ate already cause they were too hungry and they couldnt wait for my brother and i. haha
the last two hours of my birthday was spent replying everyone on facebook. :)
mummy didnt make the traditional 'noodles and red eggs' thing she used to make every year of the past 18 years. =/
i think she forgot bout it.
not going to remind her though. she's probably stressed up enough already..dont wanna add the burden.
thanks a lot to everyone who wished me.
some took me by surprise and it really proves the phrase "its the thought that counts"..

i really really appreciate all the wishes.
probably because i lost touch with a lot of people and i didnt really bother until recently.
sorry. =/

dinner/emily's farewell and drinks after that was great.
catching up with friends again made me realise how much i've missed out.