one thing i need to know about myself but can NEVER seem to find out.
do i snore when i sleep

OMG help me out of this misery la.
i need to know man..
when i fall asleep in the car with my colleagues all, i get so self conscious when i wake up wondering if my UNLADYLIKENESS was exposed or shits like that.. ESPECIALLY WHEN DT IS IN THE CAR.
can someone just help me out la.
sleep with me or sth. wtf
i need to know. T_T


BTW, king of pop has passed away.
his doctor is so fucked man.
giving a patient CPR when he's ON A BED?!
its too bad, i think he could have survived it.
anyway, RIP king of pop.
i find some people rather hypocritical about this.
when he was alive, they didnt give a shit about him.
now that he's dead, they go all emo and "i love MJ" shit. -_-" [fyi, im not targetting anyone in particular]
'thriller' was playing on my ipod when there were updates on foxnews about your death. what a coincidence. lol


omg i just updated my blog.

memories of you and i kept crossing my mind lately.
then i realized your birthday's around the corner.