i've finally found him :')
call me a stalker or whatever you want la..
but i dreamt of that kid again last night..
and i decided, "i must find out how he's doing la. i miss him" :(
so i googled his name just now and found his brothers instead which was good enough.
sighh..im glad that boy's doing well and thank goodness his brothers have blogs.
i'm like a 'bias keterlaluan' kumon teacher. =S

and i think i'm in love with mr wang...
mr wang lee hom. *faints*
i went to wang lee hom's concert last night.
believe it or not, it took me 24 hours to fully realise that i went to wang lee hom's concert.
my tindakbalas damn lembap.
the concert was awesome and annoying at the same time.
he was awesome i tell you.
he's so handsome !!!!!!!!!!!! *faints again*
but honestly, i dont remember much.
like eva said, "it's hard to remember good looking faces".
no wonder ppl keep forgetting my face. :P

anyway, i'll blog more bout the concert if i feel like it.
right now, i'm just really really happy that i've found that lil kiwi boy.
it been almost a year since i last saw him..

but i can only watch him from afar..
wahliaoo..sounds damn stalkerish. -_-"
i doubt he remembers me anyway =(


go listen to: travis: out in space
gosh travis has really nice songs