i'm still alive.
and this is a selfish post only about ME, MYSELF and I.
heres an update about whats going on in MY life..

i've finally handed up my internship report.

i didnt feel a sense of urgency to do it at all in the beginning.
in the end, i was stress for not feeling stress! ._."
was a day late though. thanks to all the procrastination la. =/
plus, i TRIED to jam packed myself with work right after internship trying to cover up for the income-less 3 months. pfftt
and college has started again ! =/
i've been to college for 5 semesters.
never EVER had a night class..
but i just HAVE TO have night classes on my last semester. sighhh

now i have to save up for a new laptop..
my laptop just announced its death. =(
using my brother's laptop now since he's asleep. sshhh
so dont expect many updates coming up anytime soon.
i am so going to be FACEBOOK DEPRIVED man.

i've no exams at all this semester.

100% assignments..
i wonder how its going to turn out.
i'm graduating in august...
where do i go from there? i hate this.

i told eva who i want to marry today..
i surprised even myself with that.
chances are i wont marry him anyway.
but just so you know, its not some fan who wants to marry her superstar kind of thing okay.
this is like really-can-happen kind of marry. lol
a lil too young to be talking about marriage..dont you think so? lol

i kinda miss media prima.
i miss hanging out there..
going around doing what i do.
the routine spot-the-difference session with karkien and eva before starting our work..
feeling sleepy at the audio suite.
going to jason so often till he says, "you again.."
watching tv at the editors' suite.
walking pass flyfm as often as possible :P
being swept away by paul moss. lol
and everything else la.

i am a childish girl who has been busy playing harvest moon thats why i didnt update my blog for such a long period of time till people actually started selling vibrators on my blog.

i need to watch movies.

i'm going to PARTAYYYYYY with awad on sept 5th! :D
i hope it happens.

currently listening to: travis - sailing away


the fish died.
and i was rooting for it to stay alive.

does anyone have the buy 1, free 1 vouchers from Jogoya?
i heard its being given out as flyers in our house's mailbox..
if you do, can you please give me 2 of 'em?
i'll buy it from you if i have to.
give me a knock/ring/anything if you do alright?
i need it as soon as possible cause the promotion ends on the 30th of april..
thanks a lot.

these few days seriously damn hot-till-can-die lor..
go where also damn hot.
went to the office today with eva and kar kien to settle some pending stuff and ran back to ou to catch a movie with the rest [bob, josh, jue liene, liyana and yee man].
i don't know bout the other two but i was already sweating like a burnt pig when we were on the escalator up to the cinema.

waicheen: "wahliaoo...damn hot laaaa"
kar kien: "later the cinema sure damn cold one la"

walk walk walk,

enters cinema..





blardy hell..
of all days, there was no aircond in a cinema full of people TODAY.. -__________-"

i bet i was probably damn annoying la..fidgeting around during the movie.

oh, we watched 'The Unborn' btw.
damn not worth it for me lor.
judging from the amount of time i closed my eyes with my hands as the scary part is coming up, i probably literally watched the movie for 45mins only. ._."
i wouldnt say its damn scary la..
some scary parts actually turned out quite funny..
like when the old fella turned his head and started chasing the woman, i thought he looked a lil like gollum from LOTR. x)

but i cannot take the shockingness laaaa..
i scared i suddenly kena heart attack then die also nobody know cause everyone's busy getting mentally stimulated. lol.

sighh..internship report.
damn lazy laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
kumon begins tomorrow! :D
till then, bye bye! will blog about our farewell bila ada mood :)

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