update update coming soooon ! :)

gosh, internship's over..
i think i miss it. =/

omg..i'm actually reading A BOOK.
5 more days !!!!!
:D :D :D

kar yan, where are you?
i miss you la. HAHA

tuning in to: kate voegele - wish you were

i am damn poor right now.

i'm so poor its not even funny anymore.
this time,
i'm really not going to go for lunch breaks already..
not because i'm trying to lose weight..
but because i am damn fucking poor. #$%$%&#$!@#!@#!

damn shit ass poor thing lor. T_T
shouldn't have succumb to all my unnecessary, illogical, nonsensical, etc cravings for the past few months.
esok kerja lagi. sien keterlaluan.

and 1@$@#$@#$@#$%$^#@!,
the internet is so damn slowwwwwwww !!!!!!!! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrRR
i kept coming over to my blog trying to think of something to update.
theres a lot on my mind now, but i've not exactly piece them together yet.
so technically, i dont have anything to update on.

oh look, i just updated my blog with nothing.

cheers. lol
sometimes, i'm so '-____-' even i cant take it.

currently musically fascinated by: human nature - baby i need your loving

- bye bye bubbles by petitescargot -

i felt like a kid again blowing bubbles under the drizzle while listening to enya.
it has some sort of...calming effect.
i've regain my love for enya. :)

cant stop listening to: enya - trains and winter rains
14 more working days left till my internship is officially over..

i miss kumon.

what we do in life,
echoes in eternity.

- gladiator