hey hey everyone,

i just wanna officially announce that this blog will be on a hiatus till april la kay.

am undergoing internship now.. =S

when i enter the office, its bright in the morning..
when i leave the office, i cant find the sun anymore. lol
the LAST thing i would wanna do after getting home is to squeeze my dried up brain for more juice to update this blog..

so anyway, internship ends on the 27th of march.
wont be visiting my own blog till then unless necessary. haha

i miss everyone !
hope to catch up soon alright :)


p/s: omgg..it looked like i was writing an email. ._."
i am a materialistic bitch.

cant deny that.
hello hello hello
hello everyone.
hello internet civilization.

after disappearing for so long,
im finally back !
dont throw all your knives and shoes and tomatoes at me!
let me explain myself..
my laptop failed me a few days after internship started
which means i could not go online
which means i cannot update my blog. lol
plus, i didnt feel comfortable updating my blog at work or using my bro's laptop la.
but i tak tahan la..damn loooooong never update my blog..
so i am currently using my 6-years-old-totally-corrupted-with-virus-and-takes-5-minutes-to-load-a-page desktop computer..sighhh
damn shittyyy ya know..all the technologies i depend on decided to fail me at the same time..sigh
i fixed my phone already.. =)
so now im hopelessly trying to save up some cash to fix my laptop.. =(

so ! how is everyone !?!? =)
im surviving internship..
so far still okay..
and my goodness, i have to say..
i've never appreciated weekends this much before..haha

oh..happy chinese new year btw.
this year's CNY seem pretty dead to me..
macam TAKDE FEEL LA ! =/
i didnt even watch a lion dance performance this year..
firecrackers also like takde aje..
damn quiet..

i dont know what else to say.
so bye.
i actually have a few cool pictures to share but it'll not be up until my laptop is fixed!
so yeah..i miss you guys !
*thousands of insincere hugs*
and oh btw,
to ahalal: you know i thought of you all while doing my laundry earlier..and i realised that we did not have an afterparty ! apalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -_-

waicheen says, "please don't go..."

cant stop digging: coldplay - viva la vida