i thought i updated my blog yesterday.
guess i didnt.

i finally fell asleep at 7am last night/this morning.
its really not fun ya know..
not being able to sleep at night.
because it means i wont be able to wake up in the morning.
not being able to wake up in the morning means...umm... means its not good.
if this continues during internship, im probably gonna be as good as shit la.

im damn nervous now lor..
internship begins tomorrow.
and honestly, im dreading it.
i really dont know what to expect..
HOPEFULLY, like what josh said,
hopefully i will have a fantastic start tomorrow morning.
wait..let be optimistic..
i KNOW i will have a fantastic start tomorrow morning.

can you feel the positive aura around me now ? *glows*



it was suppose to be yesterday..
i was suppose to stay home and 'rejuvenate' myself for internship tmr
but due to some unforeseen circumstances,
the four of us hung out today..
and a photo was taken.
finally, after 7 years.

oh btw,
bedtime stories : thumbs up !
go watch it ! =)

IZZAT AQHARI claims that if i write his name in my blog,
there's gonna be like a zillion of people who's going to read my blog..
technically, he is already proven wrong.
the link to his blog which is represented by HIS NAME is right smack at the side of my blog for quite some time now..
instead of my hits going higher and higher..
it seems to be going lower and lower. =(
no surprises there since he makes other illogical claims as well such as
the word 'best' is created because of him. ummm...okayy..
but oh well..
im gonna just put his name here and make him happy la.
okay okay..
im going to be nicer than i already am la.
izzat here is a really nice friend. surprisingly.
he cooks chicken at 2 in the morning.
he writes abstract blog entries. haha
and i find him a lot easier to talk to as compared to the other one.
to the other one: im not afraid of you okay..i heard you're nice. and i know im nice..lol but we just dont have anything to say to each other. thats all

okay its 11.30pm
i vowed to go to bed before 12 tonight.

first post for the year 2009.


to be honest, i cant remember much of 2008.
it could be because of my brain..
maybe its just that 2008 was rather uneventful for me.
nothing spectacular happened..
unlike the recapping post i did last year, i cant seem to say much this year..
wait..let me try.
after all, i'm sure there are first-times or things that i want to remember 60 years from now..
*thinks really really hard*

x got my license on the first try. NO BRIBING !
laptop crashed for the first time.
x worked in a wedding event for the first time.
x fell for the groom's son. hehe
x got lost taking random trains. i dont even know how to say it. ._.
x had a 'war' with karyan. damn childish. haha i had nothing better to do la. cari pasal. lol
x my favorite boy left to new zealand. ='( i miss you vincent..
x finally got myself specs..after 4 years of procrastination.
x proud member of ahalal production.
x chose my major. things in college became a whole lot more serious.
x my phone's freaking screen started to have mood swings.
x work retreat with
x christmas dinner with TOS.
x christmas present from TOS.
x got a freaking thing that starts with an I and ends with a D and has P and O in between as a christmas present. AWESOME.
x the premiere.
x maturity level went up.

i know 2008 was a lot more happening than just those teeny weeny things mentioned above.
i just dont wanna share them. heh
i was browsing through my old posts trying to recall the events in 2008,
i realised that my blog is so...
full of negativity. lol
will elaborate more when i feel like it.

gosh, im so hungry. therefore, i should go to bed now.

oh well..

let's just hope this year will be a better year for all of us.


i dont understand..
how can you disappear..