This blog is open to public again due to POPULAR DEMAND! hahaha

hey hey hey.. 2009 is ending! honestly, i kinda cant wait for it to end.
probably because 2009 kinda suck ass for me.
despite not wanting to hit the mini TWO ZERO mark on my age, i wanna know how 2010 will be like.
hopefully it'll be better than this year. lol

probably gonna reminisce about what has happened around me this whole year on my blog, and also about my last day in kumon, which is this thurs! =(

okay okay, will be back writing again tomorrow probably. and also a review on a movie i watched last night. lol ttyl you guys! :)

this blog has been dead for quite some time. i want to earn money from nuffnang again.
thats why have to public-kan my blog. haha

i have work in 5 hours time. on a sunday. =/
anyway, will be leaving for bintulu in 3 days time.
then, when i touch down in kl from bintulu, i'll be heading straight to langkawi for another job.
somehow, i'm not quite looking forward to being away from home for 19 days. lol
i have no clue on how bintulu is like and everyone's been telling me that bintulu is all trees and forest. T_T
i googled for images of bintulu and this is what i got.


the pictures look pretty old but the place doesnt look too bad right? :)
and my bro told me we'll be rooming together for the whole 9 days in bintulu.
he said he's gonna learn how to snore just to annoy the shit out of me. lol

after bintulu, langkawi awaits.
i can only wish its another vacation.
too bad i'm going to cheap liquor island this time for work. T_T

oh well, i still cant figure out how im going to pack.
somemore i damn cheapskate.. didnt wanna pay for luggage check-in.
so will be hand carrying my luggage to langkawi. T_T
i'll be missing my parents and my room. =(

bintulu : nov 18th - nov 27th
langkawi : nov 27th - dec 6th

10th Asian Australian Football Championships

if its not obvious enough yet,pics are stolen from dan and jk.
two days ago,
i turned 19.
it felt like...
any other day.

im not complaining man.
i think the birthday excitement thing is really wearing off year by year.
but this year's birthday is certainly different though.
people who used to call, dont call anymore.
and i was working for almost 13 hours.
so half my day was spent there, with a lot of cute australian kids. hehe
will try to post a pic of a particular kid i adore if i can get the pics from dan.
then i had a simple kfc dinner with my family.
i was too lazy and tired to go anywhere else.
plus, my parents ate already cause they were too hungry and they couldnt wait for my brother and i. haha
the last two hours of my birthday was spent replying everyone on facebook. :)
mummy didnt make the traditional 'noodles and red eggs' thing she used to make every year of the past 18 years. =/
i think she forgot bout it.
not going to remind her though. she's probably stressed up enough already..dont wanna add the burden.
thanks a lot to everyone who wished me.
some took me by surprise and it really proves the phrase "its the thought that counts"..

i really really appreciate all the wishes.
probably because i lost touch with a lot of people and i didnt really bother until recently.
sorry. =/

dinner/emily's farewell and drinks after that was great.
catching up with friends again made me realise how much i've missed out.

that's what i learnt from her.
R.I.P. Yasmin Ahmad.
1958 - 2009

its the music that made the impact,
the soft piano tunes as the voices speak..
weaved so perfectly.

it's 5.05 am now.
instead of busting my ass doing broadcast writing,
i just got myself a twitter account.
kill me please.

on the other hand,
i have a twitter account!
i dont know what for, but lets celebrate! :B
today's newspaper wrote:

International school and kindergarten suspend classes

PETALING JAYA: One international school and a kindergarten have voluntarily closed to stop the spread of the influenza A (H1N1) virus.

The Alice Smith International School in Seri Kembangan was closed from yesterday after two of its students contracted the virus following a school trip to New York, said Health Ministry director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican.

“Another local transmission was reported at Tadika Gospel Chapel Kerokop in Miri, Sarawak, where a student has been infected with the virus,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He said the three cases were among the 53 new influenza A (H1N1) cases reported in Malaysia, of which 41 were imported and 12 were locally transmitted.

He said the new cases involved 46 Malaysians and seven foreigners – five Indonesians and one each from China and Britain.

“Of all 627 H1N1 cases, 495 or 78.9% patients had recovered and had been discharged from hospitals. Currently, there are 132 patients receiving treatment at hospitals."


their school trip was to NEW YORK.
last time, my school trip was to a BREAD FACTORY.


one thing i need to know about myself but can NEVER seem to find out.
do i snore when i sleep

OMG help me out of this misery la.
i need to know man..
when i fall asleep in the car with my colleagues all, i get so self conscious when i wake up wondering if my UNLADYLIKENESS was exposed or shits like that.. ESPECIALLY WHEN DT IS IN THE CAR.
can someone just help me out la.
sleep with me or sth. wtf
i need to know. T_T


BTW, king of pop has passed away.
his doctor is so fucked man.
giving a patient CPR when he's ON A BED?!
its too bad, i think he could have survived it.
anyway, RIP king of pop.
i find some people rather hypocritical about this.
when he was alive, they didnt give a shit about him.
now that he's dead, they go all emo and "i love MJ" shit. -_-" [fyi, im not targetting anyone in particular]
'thriller' was playing on my ipod when there were updates on foxnews about your death. what a coincidence. lol


omg i just updated my blog.

memories of you and i kept crossing my mind lately.
then i realized your birthday's around the corner.
i've finally found him :')
call me a stalker or whatever you want la..
but i dreamt of that kid again last night..
and i decided, "i must find out how he's doing la. i miss him" :(
so i googled his name just now and found his brothers instead which was good enough. glad that boy's doing well and thank goodness his brothers have blogs.
i'm like a 'bias keterlaluan' kumon teacher. =S

and i think i'm in love with mr wang...
mr wang lee hom. *faints*
i went to wang lee hom's concert last night.
believe it or not, it took me 24 hours to fully realise that i went to wang lee hom's concert.
my tindakbalas damn lembap.
the concert was awesome and annoying at the same time.
he was awesome i tell you.
he's so handsome !!!!!!!!!!!! *faints again*
but honestly, i dont remember much.
like eva said, "it's hard to remember good looking faces".
no wonder ppl keep forgetting my face. :P

anyway, i'll blog more bout the concert if i feel like it.
right now, i'm just really really happy that i've found that lil kiwi boy.
it been almost a year since i last saw him..

but i can only watch him from afar..
wahliaoo..sounds damn stalkerish. -_-"
i doubt he remembers me anyway =(


go listen to: travis: out in space
gosh travis has really nice songs
i'm still alive.
and this is a selfish post only about ME, MYSELF and I.
heres an update about whats going on in MY life..

i've finally handed up my internship report.

i didnt feel a sense of urgency to do it at all in the beginning.
in the end, i was stress for not feeling stress! ._."
was a day late though. thanks to all the procrastination la. =/
plus, i TRIED to jam packed myself with work right after internship trying to cover up for the income-less 3 months. pfftt
and college has started again ! =/
i've been to college for 5 semesters.
never EVER had a night class..
but i just HAVE TO have night classes on my last semester. sighhh

now i have to save up for a new laptop..
my laptop just announced its death. =(
using my brother's laptop now since he's asleep. sshhh
so dont expect many updates coming up anytime soon.
i am so going to be FACEBOOK DEPRIVED man.

i've no exams at all this semester.

100% assignments..
i wonder how its going to turn out.
i'm graduating in august...
where do i go from there? i hate this.

i told eva who i want to marry today..
i surprised even myself with that.
chances are i wont marry him anyway.
but just so you know, its not some fan who wants to marry her superstar kind of thing okay.
this is like really-can-happen kind of marry. lol
a lil too young to be talking about marriage..dont you think so? lol

i kinda miss media prima.
i miss hanging out there..
going around doing what i do.
the routine spot-the-difference session with karkien and eva before starting our work..
feeling sleepy at the audio suite.
going to jason so often till he says, "you again.."
watching tv at the editors' suite.
walking pass flyfm as often as possible :P
being swept away by paul moss. lol
and everything else la.

i am a childish girl who has been busy playing harvest moon thats why i didnt update my blog for such a long period of time till people actually started selling vibrators on my blog.

i need to watch movies.

i'm going to PARTAYYYYYY with awad on sept 5th! :D
i hope it happens.

currently listening to: travis - sailing away


the fish died.
and i was rooting for it to stay alive.

does anyone have the buy 1, free 1 vouchers from Jogoya?
i heard its being given out as flyers in our house's mailbox..
if you do, can you please give me 2 of 'em?
i'll buy it from you if i have to.
give me a knock/ring/anything if you do alright?
i need it as soon as possible cause the promotion ends on the 30th of april..
thanks a lot.

these few days seriously damn hot-till-can-die lor..
go where also damn hot.
went to the office today with eva and kar kien to settle some pending stuff and ran back to ou to catch a movie with the rest [bob, josh, jue liene, liyana and yee man].
i don't know bout the other two but i was already sweating like a burnt pig when we were on the escalator up to the cinema.

waicheen: "wahliaoo...damn hot laaaa"
kar kien: "later the cinema sure damn cold one la"

walk walk walk,

enters cinema..





blardy hell..
of all days, there was no aircond in a cinema full of people TODAY.. -__________-"

i bet i was probably damn annoying la..fidgeting around during the movie.

oh, we watched 'The Unborn' btw.
damn not worth it for me lor.
judging from the amount of time i closed my eyes with my hands as the scary part is coming up, i probably literally watched the movie for 45mins only. ._."
i wouldnt say its damn scary la..
some scary parts actually turned out quite funny..
like when the old fella turned his head and started chasing the woman, i thought he looked a lil like gollum from LOTR. x)

but i cannot take the shockingness laaaa..
i scared i suddenly kena heart attack then die also nobody know cause everyone's busy getting mentally stimulated. lol.

sighh..internship report.
damn lazy laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
kumon begins tomorrow! :D
till then, bye bye! will blog about our farewell bila ada mood :)

saya suka dengar: kate voegele - only fooling myself
update update coming soooon ! :)

gosh, internship's over..
i think i miss it. =/

omg..i'm actually reading A BOOK.
5 more days !!!!!
:D :D :D

kar yan, where are you?
i miss you la. HAHA

tuning in to: kate voegele - wish you were

i am damn poor right now.

i'm so poor its not even funny anymore.
this time,
i'm really not going to go for lunch breaks already..
not because i'm trying to lose weight..
but because i am damn fucking poor. #$%$%&#$!@#!@#!

damn shit ass poor thing lor. T_T
shouldn't have succumb to all my unnecessary, illogical, nonsensical, etc cravings for the past few months.
esok kerja lagi. sien keterlaluan.

and 1@$@#$@#$@#$%$^#@!,
the internet is so damn slowwwwwwww !!!!!!!! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrRR
i kept coming over to my blog trying to think of something to update.
theres a lot on my mind now, but i've not exactly piece them together yet.
so technically, i dont have anything to update on.

oh look, i just updated my blog with nothing.

cheers. lol
sometimes, i'm so '-____-' even i cant take it.

currently musically fascinated by: human nature - baby i need your loving

- bye bye bubbles by petitescargot -

i felt like a kid again blowing bubbles under the drizzle while listening to enya.
it has some sort of...calming effect.
i've regain my love for enya. :)

cant stop listening to: enya - trains and winter rains
14 more working days left till my internship is officially over..

i miss kumon.

what we do in life,
echoes in eternity.

- gladiator
hey hey everyone,

i just wanna officially announce that this blog will be on a hiatus till april la kay.

am undergoing internship now.. =S

when i enter the office, its bright in the morning..
when i leave the office, i cant find the sun anymore. lol
the LAST thing i would wanna do after getting home is to squeeze my dried up brain for more juice to update this blog..

so anyway, internship ends on the 27th of march.
wont be visiting my own blog till then unless necessary. haha

i miss everyone !
hope to catch up soon alright :)


p/s: looked like i was writing an email. ._."
i am a materialistic bitch.

cant deny that.
hello hello hello
hello everyone.
hello internet civilization.

after disappearing for so long,
im finally back !
dont throw all your knives and shoes and tomatoes at me!
let me explain myself..
my laptop failed me a few days after internship started
which means i could not go online
which means i cannot update my blog. lol
plus, i didnt feel comfortable updating my blog at work or using my bro's laptop la.
but i tak tahan la..damn loooooong never update my blog..
so i am currently using my 6-years-old-totally-corrupted-with-virus-and-takes-5-minutes-to-load-a-page desktop computer..sighhh
damn shittyyy ya know..all the technologies i depend on decided to fail me at the same time..sigh
i fixed my phone already.. =)
so now im hopelessly trying to save up some cash to fix my laptop.. =(

so ! how is everyone !?!? =)
im surviving internship..
so far still okay..
and my goodness, i have to say..
i've never appreciated weekends this much before..haha

oh..happy chinese new year btw.
this year's CNY seem pretty dead to me..
macam TAKDE FEEL LA ! =/
i didnt even watch a lion dance performance this year..
firecrackers also like takde aje..
damn quiet..

i dont know what else to say.
so bye.
i actually have a few cool pictures to share but it'll not be up until my laptop is fixed!
so yeah..i miss you guys !
*thousands of insincere hugs*
and oh btw,
to ahalal: you know i thought of you all while doing my laundry earlier..and i realised that we did not have an afterparty ! apalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -_-

waicheen says, "please don't go..."

cant stop digging: coldplay - viva la vida
i thought i updated my blog yesterday.
guess i didnt.

i finally fell asleep at 7am last night/this morning.
its really not fun ya know..
not being able to sleep at night.
because it means i wont be able to wake up in the morning.
not being able to wake up in the morning means...umm... means its not good.
if this continues during internship, im probably gonna be as good as shit la.

im damn nervous now lor..
internship begins tomorrow.
and honestly, im dreading it.
i really dont know what to expect..
HOPEFULLY, like what josh said,
hopefully i will have a fantastic start tomorrow morning.
wait..let be optimistic..
i KNOW i will have a fantastic start tomorrow morning.

can you feel the positive aura around me now ? *glows*



it was suppose to be yesterday..
i was suppose to stay home and 'rejuvenate' myself for internship tmr
but due to some unforeseen circumstances,
the four of us hung out today..
and a photo was taken.
finally, after 7 years.

oh btw,
bedtime stories : thumbs up !
go watch it ! =)

IZZAT AQHARI claims that if i write his name in my blog,
there's gonna be like a zillion of people who's going to read my blog..
technically, he is already proven wrong.
the link to his blog which is represented by HIS NAME is right smack at the side of my blog for quite some time now..
instead of my hits going higher and higher..
it seems to be going lower and lower. =(
no surprises there since he makes other illogical claims as well such as
the word 'best' is created because of him. ummm...okayy..
but oh well..
im gonna just put his name here and make him happy la.
okay okay..
im going to be nicer than i already am la.
izzat here is a really nice friend. surprisingly.
he cooks chicken at 2 in the morning.
he writes abstract blog entries. haha
and i find him a lot easier to talk to as compared to the other one.
to the other one: im not afraid of you okay..i heard you're nice. and i know im but we just dont have anything to say to each other. thats all

okay its 11.30pm
i vowed to go to bed before 12 tonight.

first post for the year 2009.


to be honest, i cant remember much of 2008.
it could be because of my brain..
maybe its just that 2008 was rather uneventful for me.
nothing spectacular happened..
unlike the recapping post i did last year, i cant seem to say much this year..
wait..let me try.
after all, i'm sure there are first-times or things that i want to remember 60 years from now..
*thinks really really hard*

x got my license on the first try. NO BRIBING !
laptop crashed for the first time.
x worked in a wedding event for the first time.
x fell for the groom's son. hehe
x got lost taking random trains. i dont even know how to say it. ._.
x had a 'war' with karyan. damn childish. haha i had nothing better to do la. cari pasal. lol
x my favorite boy left to new zealand. ='( i miss you vincent..
x finally got myself specs..after 4 years of procrastination.
x proud member of ahalal production.
x chose my major. things in college became a whole lot more serious.
x my phone's freaking screen started to have mood swings.
x work retreat with
x christmas dinner with TOS.
x christmas present from TOS.
x got a freaking thing that starts with an I and ends with a D and has P and O in between as a christmas present. AWESOME.
x the premiere.
x maturity level went up.

i know 2008 was a lot more happening than just those teeny weeny things mentioned above.
i just dont wanna share them. heh
i was browsing through my old posts trying to recall the events in 2008,
i realised that my blog is so...
full of negativity. lol
will elaborate more when i feel like it.

gosh, im so hungry. therefore, i should go to bed now.

oh well..

let's just hope this year will be a better year for all of us.


i dont understand..
how can you disappear..