how did i spent my christmas?
do you really want to know ??

Christmas day was probably the first time ever i jumped up from my bed at 10.30am with no plans to go out or anyone to report to, and said

" SHIT ! IM LATE ! "

nope..i wasnt rushing to open the christmas presents under my christmas tree..
i dont celebrate Christmas, remember?
and i dont have a christmas tree.

i already missed the morning sun and i had to :
do the laundry
feed the fishes
feed the tortoises
iron the clothes
clean the house
make my own breakfast
find my own lunch

my mum will kill me if the clothes doesnt dry on time..
my dad will kill me if the fishes starve..
sigh..its not so fun to be home alone without parents after all.
after i was done with everything, guess what did i do?
nope..i didnt go out and go crazy exploiting the fact that my parents are not at home.
stayed at home obediently staring at the four walls in my house and waited for my parents to come home..
i heard they're coming back in the afternoon..
they finally came back at 9pm..
bringing extra luggage with them.
extra luggage : my older sister. lol

the next day,
i was reminded that i have a very annoying sister.

at 10 am :
sis : "mei..wake up la wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up.. wake up..
wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up.. wake up..wake up.. wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up.. wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up.. wake up.. wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up.. wake up..wake up.. wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up..wake up.. wake up.."
*pulling my blanket further and further away from me with every 'wake up' *

me : *damn freaking annoyed and grumpy* "GO AWAYYYYY LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! " rawrRRRRRRRRR

oh and btw,

as much as karyan pretends that she's having fun in spore, i believe that she is actually bored to death.
i dont see why would someone need so many days to explore singapore.
and instead of going out to do some exploring in the afternoon, i often see her spore.

eh karyan,
come back to malaysia la.

come my house, i let you go online for free also.



i've got the best christmas present ever !
wanna know what is it?
one of my christmas wish list item !
awesomeness i tell you !
thank you la weyy..
i seriously honestly truthfully appreciate this.
tell me what you want please. seriously please. lol
thank you ! =D


merry christmas everybody !

its a season to be jolly !
fa la la la la
la la la la !



as a present from me to you,
you dont have to buy me anything for christmas !
isnt that like..the coolest present ever ?
i know im awesome.
someone once said,

" if you wait long enough, it will eventually come to you "

how long wait? by =sa-cool

i've been waiting..
for a really long time in fact.
tell me,
how long exactly is 'long enough' ?

waiting is a painful thing to do.


you see the smile
you hear the laughter
how well do you really know her?

and insomnia returns.
you know what?
i've decided la..
i dont want anything else for christmas..

all i want for christmas is...

a new phone!

a person who doesnt celebrate christmas is talking about christmas a lil too much, dont you think so?

anyway, im off to a haircut and a movie with mr. xyz !
just like the old times..

another personal post just went into my drafts.

sigh.. its been a pretty sad night tonight..
oh well..
gotta suck it up and live with it right?

swensens on tues with kai?

yesterday marked the last day of my semester.
im finally done for the year !
i picked up the newspaper and read them after so long ! i felt like i missed so much ! *hugs newspaper* lol
quotes jueliene: " im going online with no purpose ! "

[ alicia, su mei, lyn, melody, jeremy, etc etc: call me when you read this ! its time bout time we play catching with each other's life ! :D :D]

note number 1:
in a blink of an eye, another sem has gone by..
gotta admit that this is by far the worst semester ever..
but oh well, gotta suck it up and live with it.
submitted the most horrible assignment ever last night and went redbox with a bunch of friends and a lecturer to de-stress despite not sleeping the night before.
quote jue liene : " everytime we go karaoke, sure got a moment where i'll be emo wan.. "
true enough la..
i thought of the first time i went karaoke at neway two years ago.
room 42.
the place where a supposedly beautiful relationship started.
it wasnt so beautiful after all..
but oh well..those were the days..

note number 2:
my phone's screen has officially died on me today samsung :(
so people..
dont msg me okay !
i wont be able to read them..
call me okay ? :D
my phone is still working fine..
its just that the screen is not. *sighhh*
anyone has a spare phone for me to use temporarily ? =/

note number 3:
yee won is good.
bye kar yan..merry christmas =/

note number 4:
i swear i have more notes to talk about.
but i cant remember ! =/
oh well..

i wonder if you will.

i better do this before its too late. haha
hey you !

sorry i didnt msg you alright !
my phone's not in a very good condition now =(

i shall give you a grand wish here okay !
a blog post just for you ! :D
to the boy who owes me ramly burger since 214645634 years ago..

to the boy who owes me haagen dasz since 214645634 years ago..

to the boy who's suppose to make me the first passenger in his car..and failed to do so. grr
to the boy who's ever so kiam siap..hahahaha
to the boy who has a handsome brother
to the boy who left malaysia to joined the others in aussieland

to the boy who looks like pak cham kai.. HAHA
to the boy who called me on my birthday all the way from aussieland..[ just so you know, it was really sweet and im still touched by that because you're the last person i expected to get a call from =)]

happy 19th birthday the-ever-not-so-handsome-but-no-longer-single
chan jian hao !

jian [the one in the middle] is confused..
he's not sure if he likes penis or breasts more.

i'm sure you're having a jolly good time on your birthday
lets hang out soon alright ?
we have some catching up to do...

is absolutely fantastically



oh jeremy and mel too
all i want for christmas is...

lol if only im that unmaterialistic. hahahaha
anyway, not that i celebrate christmas,
but since everyone is in a christmasy mood, i thought i'd join in ! :D
so, what do i want for christmas?
lets start with the illogical ones first la..

1. a CAR

im not that good in driving yet..
so i thought i'd start with a small car first..

a honda jazz. :)
a pearl white one okayy.. not that color.

that color not

i hate to be bitten by this ipod craze thing..
but i cant help it!

this ipod nano-chromatic is beautiful la weyyy..
the red or purple one okay? :D

3. a PIANO

yeap..i want a piano !
i regretted quitting piano last time.
what to do..i was a stupid kid la..
now, i find the piano very graceful and elegant..
i think everyone thinks so too..haha

i want a piano as well as free piano lessons la..
i want to play songs instead of noise on the piano :( lol

4. a sony cyber-shot T300/ skinny-T

it would be a lil too much to ask for a DSLR *HINT HINTTTTTTTTTT* la..
so i lowered down my demands to digital cams.
haha we move on to the not-so-logical-but-can-be-done as well as the totally-doable kind of demands.

5. to spend the night at the beach

it doesnt make much sense to want this for christmas right?
its just something i've always wanted to do la..
to spend the night at the beach..

thinking about what to think about..

to relax while listening to the sound of the waves

and looking at the pretty reflection of the moon on the sea..

6. a hoodie

i like the black hoodie on the right.

7. a happy tree friends top

yeap ! this particular happy tree friends top okay !
thank you ! :D

8. a wallet
i've always wanted the chequebook kind of wallet.
but cant seem to find one that i totally adore..=/
not necessarily must be this design,
but this kind of wallet la..
btw, i think the design is kinda cool. lol

9. a closet full of clothes and shoes and bags and dresses and accessories etc etc.

the perfect christmas gift
i need to feminise
[i know the word does not exist] myself la..
i am aware that most of the time my dressing can be a lil too selekeh.. to get boyfriend la like that ? haha

but then need to buy damn hell alot of new stuff and all..
and i rather shop for food than to shop for clothes..
so why dont you save me the trouble
and just give me a whole new wardrobe full of clothes?
make sure theres a belt included. i need a belt.


10. family guy season 1-8 dvds as well as a whole box of good movies and shows.
it will be a holiday during christmas [duh..]
its a good opportunity for me to just sit down,
collect dust while watching family guy
and all the good movies and shows that i have not watched yet.

11. a few buckets of lego

i pretty much grew up playing lego..not barbie dolls.
i never had a barbie doll..
maybe that explains my lack of feminine dressing..cause i never played dress-ups before. haha
lego used to come in buckets like the one above
and as far as i can remember, i think my siblings and i had like a few buckets of lego.
my dad once built a house for us with lego..
like a really really cool and big house with roof and everything..
but then we were stupid and unappreciative kids.
he used up a lot of the lego..
as beautiful as the house was, we destroyed it. :(
i think my mum gave them away.
i cant seem to find them anymore.. :(
i have a dream to accomplish with lego. :D
12. a puzzle necklace

im starting to get lazy already so this shall be the last item on my christmas list la kay?
i love this thing.
i dont know why. lol
so yea, a puzzle necklace would be nice as a christmas gift for me..
thank you :)
p/s: while searching for these pictures,
i found out that a puzzle necklace is also one of the items used to create awareness on autism.

i know im a greedy person..
materialistic things aside,
i do want to celebrate christmas with you this year..


EDIT: just because i dont celebrate christmas
DOES NOT means
that you dont have to get me presents okay !