dont have much time to do some serious thoughts on my blog nowadays,
i usually dont do tags
but in efforts to keep this page updated and to keep you entertained,
i shall do a tag now.
give me some time kay.
dec 19th.
i cant wait.
all the drink tea sessions.
and all the celebrations.

anyway, tag tag.

My Top 5 Most Favorite Foods;

x Tom Yam
x Seafood
x Jap
x Jonker Street 88 durian cendol
x dimsum

10 Things I Love Doing;

x sleeping
x eating
x watching movies
x bonding sessions with family
x drink tea sessions
x having stupid conversations with best friend
x finding for good food
x going for a retreat
x traveling

Things I Love Doing When I’m EMO;

x eating
x not talking
x kumon math
x blasting the music in my earphones
x staring into space
x sleeping
x eating ice cream cake

5 Things I Love Doing When I’m Happy;

x smile without even realising it
x listening to the music
x staring into space
x cleaning up the house
x makan

5 Things I Wish To Happen;

x get married and have kids. haha
x to be awesomely rich.
x to do well enough for this semester.. =/
x less pretentious and ugly people in the world.
x cooler weather.

My Top 5 Most Addicted songs;

x everytime we touch - cascada
x sephia - sheila on 7
x superman - five for fighting
x your guardian angel - the red jumpsuit apparatus
x your winter - sister hazel

5 people I Wish to tag;

x chowtan
x yi lyn
x jian
x karyan
x melody

temptation kills la okay.

chan jian hao,
i want ice cream cake.
im sick of this.

i need a haircut.


i think my mood is swinging back.

nama glamour.

Mauled to death by white tigers

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian worker from Sarawak died after he was mauled by tigers at the Singapore Zoo in Mandai Road yesterday.

Visitors watched in horror as three white tigers pounced on Nordin Montong, 32, who was said to have entered the enclosure where the tigers were kept. Zoo workers rushed to rescue him by distracting the tigers.

A Singapore police spokesman, who confirmend the incident when contacted by Bernama, said the man was injured on the neck and body.

Paramedics pronounced him dead at 12.45pm.

Gathering evidence: Police leaving the white tiger enclosure at the Singapore Zoo after collecting evidence. – Reuters

Singapore Zoo assistant director of zoology Biswajit Guha said the victim’s family had been notified.

He said zoo officials had sent condolences to the family and would provide any assistance they needed.

Biswajit also said zoo authorities had commenced investigations into “this isolated incident”.

As a precautionary measure, the zoo authorities had temporarily closed the white tiger exhibit, he added.

Recounting the incident, he said the victim, a contract worker, was attacked by three white tigers after he allegedly jumped into the moat at the white tiger exhibit.

The ensuing commotion attracted the attention of a keeper who was nearby.

Other keepers went to the exhibit to distract the tigers in a bid to rescue the worker.

The keepers managed to rescue the worker and brought him out of the exhibit, Biswajit said.

While waiting for the ambulance, the zoo veterinarians attended to him but Nordin had succumbed to his wounds, he added.

zoo cleaner behaved erratically

[The Star, 14th and 15th november 2008]

- edited -
i was battling against myself of whether to insert the video of the attack or not.
readers who read this entry earlier would have saw the video.
after thinking thoroughly, i took the video down due to the..i dont know..the gruesomeness of the video?
besides that, it's very very inconsiderate and sickening.
if you still wish to view the attack, then go ahead.
not for the too weak hearted, seriously.

regardless of whether the rumor of the cause of death were true or not,
deepest condolences to the family.

habitat: hot and cold forested area. [thats what written on their description]
where it was: in malaysia. to be displayed under the hot sun.
why: sth to do with the REPTILES exhibition.
i didnt know they're reptiles. -_-

it was quite saddening to see them.
both of them kept moving to and fro, left and right..
as if they're trying to find a way out..
they made sounds every time they're in front of me..
after a while, one of them gave up trying and just rested there.
those are foxes btw.
NOT a dog/cat/mouse breed. lol

.i have a question.

why didn't it last?

i thought it was heading somewhere..

maybe i was thinking too much.

where are you now?

i'm lost.
random picture of the day.


hey you,
dont want
to think that
i have feelings for you.

VIRGO - The One that Waits

Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. A pushover. Loves to gamble and take chances. Needs to have the last say in everything. They think they know everything and usually do. Respectful to others but you will quickly lose their respect if you do something untrustworthy towards them and never regain respect. They do not forgive and never forget the one and only.

extracted it from an email.
i would like to think that some of the things mentioned are inaccurate..
[eg: Someone loves them right now.]
doesnt seem very logical to me..
especially when this is an email circulated to everyone everywhere 365days a year..
im talking about the couple love kind of love now..
not the fatherly motherly family love.
if they are talking about the fatherly motherly family love,
then doesnt that statement '
Someone loves them right now' applies to all zodiac signs and earthlings ?

there are quite a number of statements which i agree with in the description as well,
or at least i would like to think there is..
[eg: Respectful to others but you will quickly lose their respect if you do something untrustworthy towards them and NEVER REGAIN RESPECT.]
theres someone in my mind right now regarding this statement.

but wow..
dominant in relationships.
always wants the last word.
needs to have the last say in everything.
they think they know everything and usually do.
they do not forgive.
makes me sound damn hell bossy dont you think?

im bossy..
but at the same time, im easy.
easy to talk to.
everything you ever wanted.
easy to please.
a pushover.

which is true?
which is not?
tell me.
i rather not know.

kai xian sudah balik
for the past few weeks, he has been saying this to me:
"fail la you"
because i could never remember the date he's landing his ass in malaysia.
but oh well.
now that he's back,
welcome back la friend
mari kita pergi makan ice cream.
i remember saying that i will build a trust fund and collect 10sen everyday and spend it all on you when you get back.
but, obviously your trust fund's no where to be found

on another note,

happy birthday chong chee ching !
have a blast on your birthday kay!

people always ALWAYS make assumptions, regardless of whether do they know the subject personally or not.
when you see two person of different gender walking side by side, they could be siblings or best friends..but people would naturally assume that they are a couple.
which reminds me..i've got the perfect example..
the last time i went up to genting, i was walking around with my brother at first world hotel. i forgot where my parents were..anyway, the two of us were just doing some INNOCENT walking. in fact, we were not even talking to each other. but that did not stop some middle aged man from approaching us. he asked if we would like to have a room. he has a spare room.
ughh..gross la.
does my brother and i look like a couple? because thats just plain gross.
either that or the man thinks im some china prostitute or sth..
which is equally gross. lol

see, assumptions.

i will not deny that i am one of those who make assumptions of strangers and people im not particularly close to.
there was a lady crying behind me at the escalator the other day. her boyfriend [i assume] was standing next to her..rubbing her shoulders.
"the couple behind me just takaoed. the girl's crying."
i ASSUMED that they just quarreled. for all i know, maybe the girl's fish just got into an accident or sth. but i ASSUMED that they just quarreled because the guy was standing next to her.
whether there's truth or not in it does not matter.

why do people assume?
i've been a victim of assumption.
and it was not a pleasant experience especially when theres absolutely no truth in those assumptions which were spread around.
trying to defend the truth takes a lot of effort.
after a while, one will eventually get so sick of trying to defend the truth and just leave it as it is.
it'll die down soon enough..
as some of them say, 'ignorance is bliss'

the purpose of this entry?
i have no idea.
*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
however no pictures
*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
and it seems that your blog has been changing personality quite often
- waicheen says:
- waicheen says:
changing personality ??
- waicheen says:
- waicheen says:
i like that sentence
- waicheen says:
- waicheen says:
*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
one day sad next day happy then the next emo
*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
and now its just kinda neutral

my blog has mood swings as bad as mine !

"i do sleep early ! ... early in the morning."

im a person who cant sleep at night and
has trouble waking up in the morning..
and i don't really like it.

dear jeremysiow,
i just want to say that i'm proud of you.
but thats only
if you're not lying just to make me feel better la.
i hope to see you soon.


dear aliciatan,
how are things with you?
mine's stagnant
btw, wednesday shall be a weekly thing okay?


dear cynthiatan,
why are you only coming back in dec la? =(
oh well,
good also la..
you coming back in dec means there wont be any distractions for me and karyan until dec.
there will be a lot of gossips and scandals that you need to be updated on though..
take care of yourself okayy
you get what i mean.


dear ahalal,
although we're not even halfway done with our assignment,
it is a blessing to be in the same group as you guys..
there will some roadblocks along the way,
but hopefully we'll pull through.
nevertheless, i am sure we'll have lots of fun and i look forward to those times.


dear apit-g,
what happened to us?


dear kaixian,
you're coming back tomorrow !
you, me and ivan shall celebrate your return with swensens icecream.
ivan's treat


dear ivantong,
how come la we no longer talk online as often as we used to?
both also doing mass comm..
both also sama so busy..
im busy with assignments,
you're busy with fallout3, spore, friday night 'prayers', etc
lets go to your house again soon.
i miss hammock.


dear jordan,
you're the stranger i met through sms..
damn funny weyy..
you randomly smsing ppl wishing them good luck for spm.
im glad i got to know you..
through you, i got to know ivan and william.
and as far as i know, all three of you are quite a gentleman. sometimes.


dear jian hao,
your blog says that you're done with 2008's exams,
so i assume you'll be landing your ass on malaysia's soil soon.
cant wait to see how much weight you've put on.
but the most important thing is,
or else this friendship is over my friend !
haegan daez..


dear karyan,
it has been a while since we last hung out..


dear sis,
i heard you're running a marathon tomorrow..
good luck.
i hope you'll be able to finish it.
come home soon.

bob ?
i dont have a picture of him.

he thinks i cant make a proper 'C'. =@ grr
he thinks im a brat. =(
he thinks im smart. =D
he thinks im pretty. =P

haha im so full of myself la.
okay okay.
bob being bob, he DEMANDED for me and yeewon to write sth about him la.
so us being us, being a nice and angelic and misunderstood [im not a brat la. ._. ] ,
we are writing something about him now.
yee won did her post already..
so here i am, squeezing my brain juice thinking of what to write about bob.

bob bob bob / bobman / bobstar / current msn name: We will We Will Bob you
thats not even his real name.
why cant some people just be contented with their REAL name.
why bob WHY?
i dont know if he likes his real name or not but he was introduced to me as 'bob'.
he does have the 'BOB' look though.
his real name is abdul rahim sth sth.
he's a friend in college who worries a lil too much about my well being.
always claims that i look exhausted and tired.
dont get me wrong, thats very nice ya know..
he's very caring :)
it feels like he's more of a father than a friend sometimes..
he doesnt like the fact that i think he's more like a father sometimes.

reminds everyone of mr. zul.
and i actually think mr. zul is a pretty nice guy..
seriously !
maybe its because i was too oblivious to notice the not-so-nice side of him la.

bob is afraid of heights.
bob likes queen.
bob likes getting drunk.
bob wants to give me his car. HAHA
bob likes to play the 'i spy with my eyes' game. so childish.. HAHA
bob is going australia next year.
so we only have one more month with bob.
bye bob.

conclusion : bob seorang kawan yang baik. or at least i think so now la. haha

i ran under the rain just now..
then i realised that if i run,

it would end sooner..

so i slowed down..

and started walking under the rain.

it felt
really soothing.
for a moment, it kinda felt like..

my worries and frustrations went with the rain..

it has been far too long since the last pour.
as much as she doubts that it'll happen,
wai cheen's going for 24 hours.

keep me conscious.

damn crazy wey..
when i dont update, i dont update at all..
when i update, i update too many times.

im freaking typing in the wrong window la..
i should be typing in a microsoft word doing my moral now.
how on earth do you prevent premarital sex ?!!?!

okay la..i have to wake up in 4 hours time la.
time to get serious with moral.

i cant wait for everyone to get back.
i miss the world.

it's wednesday.
i'll be coming.
please tell me i'll get to see you.
"miii ! teman me eat dinner !"
"im not free la." *goes upstairs*

"kor ! teman me eat dinner !"
"i got stuff to do" *goes upstairs*

i absolutely loathe having dinner alone..
it quiet..
and pretty dark..
it gives me too much time to think too much

alicia !
do you remember this video ?
i found it again.
btw, can you ask the authors of chowtan to update their blog? haha
UH ?

this should be a pretty old video..
it was the first music video i watched that made my heart moved a lil..
my brother showed it to me...
then my sister showed it to me..
then alicia showed it to me..
years ago la..
suddenly things that happened years ago are all popping up in my head.

enjoy the video la
: kiss - because im a girl. :

i dont think men like that exist in reality though.
5 years ago,
ernest said, "eyy...i cant hear you. you're talking too fast."

*terkenang balik masa dahulu* ernest..
i USED TO have a major crush on him..
im not afraid to admit it because he was a real gentleman and a perfect friend.
that was then la..
im not quite sure about now.
we were pretty close back then..
random calls that lasted for hours and smses..
too bad we did not keep in touch after he left school..
he was a very expensive person to msg la..
016..tsk tsk..

there was once when he called at 9 sth on the eve on my birthday
and we just started talking and all la..
then i asked him,
" planning to talk to me until my birthday arrives?"
"err...yea..unless you dont want la.."
:D :D
that was 5 years ago la okayy..
talking for 3 hours is considered damn long for a form 2 kid..

omg i terpesong damn far weyy..
this post is not about ernest !

he once told me that i talk too fast..

somewhere between then and now, another friend had told me again that i talk too fast..
and i thought i slowed down already till..

2 nights ago, someone told me i talk too fast.

i feel so unfeminine la..



cant wait for you to get back.
i wanna go your house and play wii.
happy 18th la friend..
your absence is felt.
i hope you'll have a blast in aussie !
we'll celebrate again when you get back okay?
we shall go shopping in bangsar.
go watch movies.
go makan claypot chicken rice without chicken.
thats if..
we have the time for you la.



remind me how it feels like.

this is not the post.
wait la..
that post will come.
have faith in me.

if you've read the very first post of my blog,
i've mentioned that my son's name would be Cyril.
where did i get the name from?
from Cyril Takayama.
my sister showed me some of his videos on youtube a few years back
and i fell in love with him la.
like almost instantly..
*wipes off drool*

Cyril Takayama, of japanese and some angmoh parentage,
is a magician / illusionist.
he's probably most well known for his street magic performances in japan.
most of his videos are in japanese..but who cares.
i dont need to understand what he says to be amazed by his tricks.
this is where im suppose to insert a video to convince you all that he's awesome.
im too lazy.
but go and check him out !
seriously !
no regrets guaranteed. i hope..

why is Cyril so awesome?
1. he's hot and handsome.
2. he has a way with the ladies.
3. he can speak english. HAHA
4. he has an eyebrow piercing. (! :D)
5. he's an awesome magician/illusionist.
and thats why,

he's the reason why i want to name my future son 'Cyril'

this post shows that
im hopelessly trying to procrastinate.