i'll be there for you through it all
even if saving you sends me to heaven

i need an inspiration
this came for me in the mail on the 24th of sept..

i only saw it yesterday though..
apparently it was because i've been going out too often lately, or so my mum says. lol

it was from my sister.

she made me a card with cute stickers..
awww :D


she pos laju-ed me a kfc voucher as my birthday present !
this boy..

..i miss a lot :(

vincent woo !
i hope new zealand's treating you well lil man :)
i know
i'm damn bias..
i guess i can say i talk moderately alot..
therefore people tend to assume that im moody/pmsing when i stop talking..
but most of the time,
i just fell into a state where i dont feel like talking..
where i dont feel like bullshitting..
where i would appreciate meaningful conversations more..
behind all these smiles and laughters..

theres something bothering me..

but the problem is,
i have no idea what it is..

but then again,

maybe they are right.

maybe i am pmsing when i stop talking..


then when my postmenstrualsyndrome ends,

my premenstrualsyndrome begins..

i guess that makes me an all-time pms-er. lol


huge headphones by ~x-Marionette-x

[ I'm shutting out the world by blasting music on my headphones ]

passing thought by gilad

so many thoughts
so many messages

but none of it can be put into words
because there's not a single word for it


i was out with a friend last night..
and i told that fella it has been a while since i beremo..
24 hours later,
my long lost emo mood came back.

its bout time i update my blog !
i just wanna start and end this entry by wishing all September babies (which includes me!)


and because you're born in september,
you're HOT ! :D
to all those non-september babies,
dont you wish you're born in september now ?

september babies that i know of are :

2nd of sept
jon teoh

3rd of sept
amir firdaus

5th of september
me me me !! =) lol

6th of september
min ern

9th of september
justin tham

12th of september

14th of september

16th of september
li qin

17th of september
ng kah joooooooooooo

19th of september
sharon wong

20th of september

21st of september
mandy yong poh ting ?

27th of september

28th of september
choong wai

29th of september
debbie chen

too lazy to post up pictures,
so deal with it :P

but seriously,
is january(september minus 9 months..) some fertile month or what..
damn alot of ppl's birthday on september weyy.. ;)

i came here with a hundred things to say
with a hundred stories to tell
with a hundred pictures to post..

but now,

i'm just not in the mood for it.

mum, im sorry..