gone by orange butt

those were the days..
the days when i can wake up at 2pm and wish my mum 'good morning',
eat my breakfast and go back to bed..
those were the nights..
the nights when i dont feel a pinch of guilt staying up late playing stupid online games..
and only going to bed when i hear my parents waking up next door..

two days into college..
and i miss my holidays already !

khas untuk kawan saya sejak dari bangku sekolah hingga sekarang,
happy 19th birthday la
thanks for all the car rides.
i am sure you were in a car on a road when the clock struck 12.
aiyer..camwhore nyerr..hahahahahaha

so yea,


on the other hand,
for a person who never really give a shit about olympics,
i actually watched the olympic singles men badminton finals just now..
lee chong wei had to settle for silver
nevertheless, i've never been so proud of malaysia before :)

happy happy :D

new link
new header
amateur drawing
but it should suffice
its still nice !

everything is clearer
everything looks better
everything looks pleasant
everything looks beautiful
everything feels wonderful

i can see it clearly now..
i kept telling myself that you're not necessary..
that i don't need you..
turning my back on the fact that i actually do need you..

finally, i gathered up my guts and admitted that i DO need you..
and i have absolutely no regrets doing so..
for you are indeed a candle that lights up my darkness..

now, i can wake up everyday and say with confidence,
" hello world ! you look beautiful today ! :) "
because i finally got what i need :

yess jue liene kar yan cynthia hani etc etc,
i've finally gotten my specs

- 3 down, 3 to go -
2 weekends
2 hotels
1 state
1 mission
next to none


apologies for the disappearance..
was too busy stuffing my brain with one tree hill and FAMILY GUY (!!) to even bother entering my blog..
am tired like nut right now..
but i'
m watching mtv asia awards
on tv.
it just ended..
i think i saw JabbaWookeez..
why didnt they perform ?!?!?!
college is starting soon..
=(((((((( damn sien