i used to love holidays..
now im kinda sien of it already.
i miss college
but im pretty sure i'll regret saying that three words once college starts again
i think i should use my time now more wisely.
i should open up my illustrator soon and create myself a header.
my blog is so dead dull and boring.
okay bye
sigh..sorryfornotupdatinglately. iwasprettyoccupiedwith...nothing. beendoingalotofponderinglately. althoughsomethingsarenotworth/necessarytoponderabout. asmuchasihategoingfordrivingclasses, icantwaittogoforthedamndrivingtestandgetoverit. ihaveneverhatedmyuncle'svoicesomuchbefore. sorryuncleistilllikeyoudontworry. anyway,mybrothergotmeajobforthisweekend. mymumsaiditsintelukintanbutmybrothersaiditsinlumut. sohonestlyidontquiteknowwherewillibeworking.
kyiscomingbacktomorrowandcynthiaiscomingbackonsaturday. cancelledonkumonppltogooutbecauseikindahaveplanswithcynthiakyandhani andiplantogoonathreemoviemarathonbuttheydontknowaboutityet.lol
butnow, icantgoforanyofthemcausemybrotherconfirmedthejobformewithoutcheckingwithme. notthatimcomplaining, causetheresmoneymoneymoneyinvolved. nowijusthavetofigureoutawaytotellhanicynthiaandkythat iprobablywontbeabletomakeittothelastoutingwewillhavetogetherbefore cynthiagoesbacktomelbournetomerealisasikanherdreamofbecomingadoctor. ifeelextremelyguiltynow asihadalreadyconfirmedthatiwillbeabletogooutwiththemaweekagobutnowicant. therefore allicandonowishopethatoneofthethreeofthemwillreadthisbeforesunday andunderstandmystressfulsituationsothatiwontfeelsomuchofashitwhenibailoutonthem. butthenagain,imightbeabletomakeittotheouting.justthatiwillbelate..ithink. ifeelsoguiltytotheextentthatiamnotusingthespacebarwhenitype. trustme, itshardnottousethespacebar. reflexwillsendyourfingerflyingdowntothespacebaraftereveryword. butnowimprettyusedtotheabsenceofspaceineverywordalready. ihavenoideawhatiamtalkingabout. icantenterfacebookbecausetheyaretryingtomaintainit.

mybrotherleavingtolangkawiforworktomorrowandi'llbegoingtolumut/telukintanonsat. wtfnvmgotmoneymoneymoney
he's not a playboy.
he's just
Regarding karyan's 6th of July 2008 post, I am extremely hurt and insulted by the picture of me which she have posted up. With a picture of me taking a simple picture of myself and two words written as the caption, what she was trying to convey, even with good intentions [which I highly doubt so], is highly misleading and what she did can destroy my future career and studies. Besides that, as much as I hate to say this, what she did also puts our 13 years friendship in jeopardy. I may have started by putting up PRETTY pictures of her taking pictures of herself, photoshopping it a little with witty captions, but I mentioned in RED that it's fake at the bottom, which clearly depicts that the blog entry was entirely just a harmless joke. But I guess being her, she obviously does not take jokes very well. Hence, the picture of me with an odd length for an arm smiling awkwardly at my phone which is shameful and demoralizing. In short, I'm just extremely furious by what she is doing, trying to put me to shame. What for? To gain for traffic into her blog? If that is the case, it is ridiculous and unacceptable. Being an avid reader of her blog, I was just simply shocked and taken aback by that entry which without a doubt caught me by surprise as I never knew the existence of the picture.

We have talked about it on MSN and I had indirectly asked her to remove the entry numerous times, but she paid no heed to it at all. Therefore, I have decided to follow the trend/hot stuff in cyberspace currently, which is I am deciding to file a lawsuit against my so called best friend for defamation and providing misleading information if she does not remove the post within 7 days. 7 days is a lot of humiliation, suffering and agony that I will have to go through, so consider me as kind. I really wished it did not have to be this way, or if there is actually another way to resolve this..I guess not. I have to say that we have been through a lot of shits from primary school up till now. It is really unfortunate that after all the big rocks that we've climbed through, we could not climb through this one. Nevertheless, I still would like to thank you for all that you have done for me ever since I started causing more and more troubles. You were always there to help me out.

As an example, it was you who introduced me to the college which I applied and got accepted into without any hesitation.
Thanks for accommodating me in my first few days in college when I was not very close with anyone yet at that moment.
Thanks for always looking out for me just like a big sister.
Thanks for ferrying me around when I could not find any transportation to anywhere. lol
Thanks for helping me get a job by introducing me to kumon.
Thanks for putting up with my childish and sometimes weird with a pinch of lame behaviour.
Thanks for calming me down every time I am about to punch someone in the face..well sorta.
Thanks for listening to all my rantings about everyone, be it the person is someone you know or not.
Thanks for always trying to be patient with me although sometimes I know you feel like pulling a parang out of your nike bag and slash me left and right.
Thanks for putting up with my indecisiveness and the occasional bossy attitude.
Thanks for ...
Okay it's getting a little too much already, especially since I will be the one who might be filing the lawsuit against you.
I should be full of grudge right now.
Besides, its not Thanksgivings' Day today..
who the hell am I kidding la?
I'm obviously not going to sue my best friend.
she's my best friend !
along with cynthia and hani :)
besides, if there's going to be a lawsuit, it would have more sense if it's from her to me..
even if i do file the lawsuit,

i'll probably lose..
cause she has more money than me.
she can counter-sue me just like what's in the newspaper today.
but it wont be because of sodomy la of course..eww
I can...I MAYBE can only afford to sue her once..
but she probably can double triple sue me back..
in the end, I still die.
obviously it's wiser for me to keep those grudges to myself.
and goshh...
in case you didnt notice, there were a lot of repeated and similar sentences in the first few paragraphs.
I did not know it would be this hard to write a long hate entry. HAHA
just proves that I am THAT full of love :D
okay this is lame
ky: need to take more pictures to put in facebook la..
damn sien of that profile pic already

ky: aiyo..omgg..i look so good..take a few more la..

ky: wahh..not bad..lets try this angle..

ky: how bout this angle ??

ky: ei..stop taking pictures of me taking pictures of myself la !
*wth face*

it's fake.
the reason i actually DARE to blog this is because karyan is in ipoh currently..
and she probably wont see this till..
i dont know..when she gets back ?

anywayyy...results are out already as i've mentioned in my random thoughts/statements..
just when i thought i could run away from knowing the results for a few more days,
the results letter from college came the very next day..
i hate college's efficiency sometimes
i wonder how's everything in college..
Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful.

random thoughts/statements:

1. driving at 7.30am tmr..my uncle really knows how to get back at me..grr
edit: i changed my mind..i love my uncle for that. i would really much rather have it at 7.30am than frigging 1.30pm -_-

2. where's my parents ?
3. my bro's in brunei :(
4. shit laaa...results out already..
5. is it 10pm yet?
6. the groom's son ! omg..HAHAHAHA lol
7. shit la...got work tmr..blehh
8. i need to go for anger management classes..like seriously
9. coke light sucks.
10. i need money.
11. i wanna eat kfc
12. i need a pair of glasses.
13. dad's birthday this sunday !
14. my room is so quiet now
15. get smart is just an okay movie
16. hancock is out tmr
17. i feel unappreciated..nobody wants the donuts. sigh
18. donuts is the correct spelling...?? i thought it was doughnuts. lol
19. vincent is going nz.... :( he is one boy i will definitely miss..any suggestions what to buy for a 6 year old boy who's going nz for studies ??
20. why is the connection so damn slow ?
21. did i miss an episode of gossip girl ??
22. okay la okay la..watch one tree hill tonight
23. i need another job..
24. i'm addicted to crunchyroll.com
25. mata sakit
26. is it still possible to pass a driving test without bribing ?
27. how am i going to sleep now laa..so early !
28. i feel like babbling on the phone.
29. sometimes i feel like i update my blog too often to the extent that i'm not quite used to it. haha
30. why am i always so moody lately ?
31. my phone is quite redundant sometimes. i barely reply smses cause i'm always not in the mood HAHA and i seem to miss a lot of my calls.
32. facebook sends too many emails sometimes
33. yes, i don't wear makeup most of the time..do you have a problem with that? but if someone falls for me now, at least he falls for who i am and how i really look like, plus i can only amaze him whenever he sees the other side of me..the more feminine side HAHA. besides, i can only be prettier, not uglier. =P *this is not intended for anyone*

34. i think ky and i will win the trip to korea..LOL !
35. its 11.54pm and i feel like i should sleep now..but i can't.
37. i'm surprised that you're still reading this thing.
38. why are some ppl so good at 'chat hai'ing other ppl's shoes ? its so annoying..
39. its easy for me to make friends but i think i'm having trouble liking them. they seem to annoy me very easily. *this only applies to SOME people. don't worry..i like most of you ! :)*
41. why is petrol so expensive?
42. is anwar really so horny? dont sue me..only kidding !
43. why's the electricity tariff up ? since when did we started using petrol to generate electricity? or...have we always been..?
45. i want to go shopping..sorta. if i have the money, i want to buy half of zara [the other half belongs to cynthia] even though i don't like most of their clothes. i wanna buy it just to show ppl that i'm rich and my buddies can take and wear the clothes whenever they want. HAHA
46. i think its stupid for an eyelash curler to cost rm50. are my eyelashes gonna send out sexual scent to men or drop a ringgit every time i blink if i use them?
47. but then again, if i have too much money to waste, i would buy that freaking eyelash curler and throw rm100 at the sales assistant's face. LOL
48. and then i'll wait till 5th of september and throw my ic at the gsc fella for giving me that 'are-you-sure-you're-18?' look when we were showing him the tickets to watch 'wanted'. idiotttttttttttttt
49. goshh..i'm so full of grudge HAHA
50. i am currently indulging in self indulgence.
51. i am obviously bored out of my mind right now.
52. okay time to sleep.
53. off everything earlier. save electricity.