it took me an hour but yeahh...
just checked my mail..
and realized that college open day is this Saturday !
crapp..and i told Celine i'll be going frim with them.
kenalah saya menolak ajakan mereka =(
celine hor mei peng, if you're reading this before i meet you,
i'm sorry !!

anyway, i better do a better job as a SA. HAHA

ever wondered how does the broadcasting world works?
or how the advertisers always managed to come up with fabulous ads that often blows you away?
or why and how PR practitioners always have a way to make things work the way they want to?
well, you can have it all answered,
this Saturday (31st May 2008) at
IACT Open Day !

and to those who are interested in pursuing their dreams to a part of the advertising/broadcasting/PR/event management/journalism/marketing/graphic design/etc world but do not know where to start, just pop by at our open day and we will give you an answer to all your doubts and queries about your course of interest or our college.
enrol in our college !

IACT student: "i've never had so much fun before! of course there will be times when you feel like strangling yourself due to the assignments, but all in all, IACT is a fantastic college with fantastic management people and lecturers. As the lecturers are all industry professionals, they offer useful insights on how it is like in the working world while educating and preparing us for it. I couldn't have asked for more. =)"


lack of training but i hope this will suffice. =D

it's in Uptown, few outlets away from Uptown TM POINT.

it's so close to your home !
be a good citizen and
show some support ! =)
feel free to call me for directions =D
hello hello
the internet connection has been really bitchy lately.
hence, the lack of blog updates and appearance in msn.
besides, i'm still drowning in exams okay !
ummm...i know i memang don't update my blog very often so maybe nobody noticed. ._.
and fineee, maybe i appear offline a lil too often till nobody cares anymore.


i had damn a lot of stuff to blog about la actually.
but then, i kept having trouble doing so.
now i don't remember what i wanted to blog about already. -_-"
there was a night i was DYING to blog,
but then i couldn't go online..grr
so i wrote everything in my diary :D
goshhh..the last time i wrote in my diary until recently was two years ago.
and the last last time i wrote in that diary was FOUR years ago.
one entry every two years i suppose? =)

but it was an emo entry..
so you all wouldnt like seeing it anywayy..hehe

oh guess what?
i sorta 'conquered' bukit tabur last saturday with the kumon people.
but it was not very flattering for me.. =/
more about it to come
when the connection's not angry of me anymore. =(

DAVID COOK wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ! *melebur*
haha damn late..
i know
I find it utterly ridiculous to have a class a day before exams
AS WELL AS to have a deadline ON THE SAME DAY as exams.

madness i'm telling you...

i'm in the library now btw.
staring at everyone
while trying to vomit out words to be put in the essay.
everyone here are people i cannot get along with..
such as 'chuk kou tzing'



has no marshmallows.


has no marshmallows.


has no marshmallows.

of all places,
Pasta Zanmai..

has marshmallows.

and those hypermarkets actually categorize themselves under hypermarkets.
two more assignments
four more exams
then comes my two and a half months break !

my sis just came back from penang
and she's stressing over her laptop now
cause she can't go online.
she didn't stop talking since we went to pick her up.
we had mcd's 50cents ice cream after that.
we're suppose to watch blood diamond now but i think everyone forgot bout it already.
oh my sis just fell asleep.
no wonder it's so quiet. haha
i'm babbling.
this post have no objective at all.
there is nothing i hope to achieve out of this.
omgg..PR. pffftt..

btw, david cook.
always be my baby.
it's addictive.
i cannot find one tree hill season 3 episode 18 !


our paparazzi moments