i have no idea what to blog about.
life has been pretty quiet on my side lately.
besides jordan being back from spore and getting back in contact with an old friend.
after slaving in front of the comp for hours,
i finally handed in my media criticism today.
the rest is up to suhana.
fingers crossed yo. lol since when did i ever believe in crossing fingers la. -_-

my coll is having open day (again) tomorrow..
it'll also be the launch of diploma in broadcasting..
i'm sure the opening act for the launch is gonna be interesting :)

psychology done.
pr individual assignment done.
media criticism textual analysis done.

now there is:

pr group assignment proposal (1st)
psychology group assignment (15th)
media, culture and society group presentation (9th)
media, culture and society individual assignment (dont remember)
pr group assignment presentation (29th?)
media criticism another individual assignment (dont remember)

gosh, i miss being assignment-less. :( lol

naomi gave me a sweet again today. hehe
gosh, i love that girl la. she's so cute !
with her two front teeths missing. haha
and actually i kinda noticed that most kids around her age don't have two front teeths. :)
and i think im addicted to one tree hill again. haha
rockin la that show. *cheers*

a msg from lecturer: be here at Z am tomorrow sharp sharp. as sharp as the sharpest thing in the world.
ky and i: -_-" hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

don't worry,
i'll get used to not having you around,
just stay out of my sight.
i hate sundays
no seriously..i hate sundays.
i have a horrible temper every sunday night.
sunday means i have work tomorrow.
sunday also means i have to iron the clothes.
theres one particular clothing that never fails to make me feel like exploding every time i iron it.
i mean like wtf do i need to iron three quarter pants
i might as well take out all my pajamas and iron them as well.
my bro says its not necessary to iron it.
but noooo..my mum says he'll look neater.
and sundays are also when i sit down and beremo-emo bersendirian sometimes.
sorta analyse my life
looking back at all the memories
thinking what could have happened if i had done that
or if i had not done that
would i be a happier person
would i still have that love..
its a solemn sunday. =(

speaking of my bro, i kinda miss him now.
i just dont want him to know that.
nobody to fight with me at home for 4 days. =(
i know i know...
its just 4 days. =b
he's away for work..
and damn...he earns more in 4 days compared to what i earn in one month la.
ass. -_-
cuppacake's cupcakes seriously cuts people's throats la.
like real deep. lol
but the cupcakes are seriously really undeniably cute. =)
too cute till you tak sampai hati eat it.
it's so...decorated. lol

kotak ini berharga rm5.50. ah jue bought it for her younger sister.

damn cute i know.
but it's seriously damn small la. the box is almost the size of my palm. so, 4 mini cupcakes + one box = the size of my palm. normally the size of ONE cupcake is the size of my palm already la. but then again, i've not been generous enough to buy one and try it yet.so, not for me to judge if it's worth the price i guess. lol

a smack of jellyfish's stuff are sold at wondermilk cafe as well.

it was one of the artwork on their food tray's paper. cool eh?
and this is probably the post with the most images so far. haha
i dont care if the spacing is too big or too small or too ugly.
the whole reason those dots are there is to actually make space between the sentences.
blame blogspot.
or blame me.
i'm quite retarded in this.
so anyway..
16th of march 2008 marked my parents silver anniversary
25 years through all those tears, joy and probably depression along the way caused by their 3 fabulous children.
they sure had come a long way.


not like the both of you even know that i have a blog. lol
this is where im suppose to put a picture of the both of them so lovey dovey and all.
but...i dont have a pic of them. i know...i knoww..what useless daughter kan? lol i lost all my pics la. =(
but i'll put one up soon. =)

anywayyyyyyyy, its not a tradition for us to celebrate anniversaries like this.
in fact, it would be weird if we actually celebrate it
i suggested that we shall eat out since its the 25th year of their marriage after all but dad just kinda shrugged it off.
but then i insisted.
so in the end,
i had to pay for the bill la. ><

so for dinner, we just went a restaurant nearby that we usually go to when my mum's too lazy to cook..
so yea.
as i was busy feasting on the dishes, i noticed that one of the leaves was sorta covering something black.
so i opened up that particular leaf.
and yup, i found a LONG black worm.
omg damn gross.
i screamed and yelled that there's a worm and made a scene la while my family demanded an explanation from the waitress and scolded her for being so careless and unhygienic and all.

duh i didn't do that.
all i did was say,"aiyerrrr...why got worm wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.."
then so ngam a waitress was walking past us.
she damn cepat pick up the leaf and d whole plate of vege and carry it away.
damn..my hand was shaking la.
tak tau why la but it was shaking la kay. lol
and no my parents didn't demand an explanation or anything as well.
in fact, my dad said, "good la got worms. means they don't use pesticides and all the chemicals."
and my mum and bro were like making jokes all the way wondering how many have they swallowed since they didn't even look at the vege thoroughly like i did.

i inspect every single leaf before i put them in my mouth now la.
this is probably one of the reasons why i'll never be a vegetarian.

anyway after dinner, we headed to section 14 area for coffee. lol
we should really do that more often.
it sorta felt like a bonding session or sth.
i felt the LOVE. *smiles*

btw naomi gave me a chocolate today.
i gave her a sweet in return. hehe
im as good as crumbled biscuits now
ya knowwww...
sometimes some things are better left unseen and untold.
saves a lot of heartaches and tears.
photo by archlover.

sometimes i just wish that i have a love like that too.
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
i could have saved the stuff in my laptop
but it was sacrificed
thanx la digital mall
keep telling me theres no other way
that day you all talked bout it
now its happening to me
damn effing jinx la i tell youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
my laptop JUST crashed
using my bro's laptop now
dad said that he'll bring me to digital mall tomorrow to fix it
i better not need to reformat it man
all my past assignments will all be gone..
all my pics since secondary school !
damn assholific la.

on the other hand,
election is finally over.
banners and flags all gone already.
damn efficient. lol
bn macam kalah banyak kerusi.
i don't know who won where la.
not really bothered bout it too.
but everyone is talking about it everywhere.
at home, at work, at college, at coffeeshops, at mamak, at morning markets, kids, adolescences, teenagers, young adults, adults, senior citizens.
seems like everyone was happy about the new results though.
and a congratulatory shout out to the sivam twins's cousin and uncle for the win. =)

oh well, at least im updated my blog.

oh shittt...
i just remembered somethinggg..
i cannot reformat my laptop !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will lose the kids pictures !!!!!!!! =(
damn angry now la !
*stomps off*
its bout time i update my blog
getting sick of seeing hana kimi every time i enter my blog. lol
you know what?
im gonna update my blog everyday starting from now on..
umm..maybe not everyday la. but at least once a week aight?
have some faith in me =)

so how has everyone been doing?
college has been pretty much crazy lately..*blame it on procrastination*
due dates...rawrr -_-
cynthia sudah balik australia on a mission to meet cute soon-to-be doctors
but besides that, everything is still pretty much the same.
classes are still 9 in the morning
the bitch is still being a bitch
bee fatt's chicken rice is still the best, although i dont have it for lunch anymore
work still kinda sucks
ky's cg work is STILL on display at the gallery
jay den is still so cute
i am still so bored.

they quarrelled again today
i hate the fact that i am always the cause of it
one is being so egoistic while the other's being so i-dont-give-a-damn
can somebody please take me away now

today's the election day
because of this election,
suddenly everyone became so political
those who don't usually give a damn about the world suddenly came out of nowhere talking about who should/deserve to be elected
suddenly banners and flags are flooding the road/highway/HOUSING AREA
suddenly the homeless have a place to stay
suddenly strangers come up to you and shake hands with you
suddenly the blind beggar became not blind anymore
suddenly everyone became so bitter
suddenly the word 'empty promises' are all over the newspaper
suddenly there's no other news other than news about the election
suddenly nike endorsed dap by allowing them to have a tag line 'just change it'
suddenly i drew the logos of all four parties on my psychology notes
suddenly titus said the word 'barisan nasional' to me
suddenly dap came to thurday's pasarmalam creating a havoc/traffic jam/noise pollution
suddenly everyone involved in politics became enemies
suddenly a full colored page saying 'you have only one choice' or 'because we care' can be seen on the third page of The Sun newspaper everyday
suddenly people who you never knew existed are running for parliamentary seats
suddenly an 89 year old grandma has facebook and a gmail account
what if suddenly an 89 year old grandma is have a seat in the parliament?
man, that would be so cool
you know what?
maybe for the next general election,
the candidates should not be allowed to campaign AT ALL
no banners, no flags, no strangers shaking your hands out of nowhere
then we will know who truly have an impact terhadap rakyat malaysia.
and road users will be able to see the road clearly again.
but then again,
actually i dont really care who wins.
chinese / malay / indian / bn / dap / keadilan / pas
as long as that fella does his job well can edi la.