hana kimi japan

so recently...

i've watched hana kimi, the japanese version on crunchyroll,

and at the same time, insisted to a friend that i will never watch that show. hehe
tak boleh tahan laaaaa..
nakatsu is SO CUTE !


wahliaooo..damn best .. :) :)

there are in fact quite a number of eye candies in that series la..oosh ! lol
among the cutest are..(circled..duh) :


i don't feel like writing the synopsis of the show down.
so go find out yourself la

btw, the main actress is this girl :

what do you think about that hairstyle on me?
i know i cant pull it off la..
just thought the hairstyle's kinda cool in the series
feel like chopping my hair off a little though..

peace y'all ! :) lol
note : sano [the guy sitted on the left] is not handsome la...-_-"

the edison chen scandal

before i begin, let me say this kayyy..
edison chen is a HOTTIE


im sure everyone has heard, read and probably saw the stuff about edison chen's sex scandal already. just like what everyone knows, this whole big scandal started when edison chen sent his laptop for servicing and the idiot who serviced his laptop copied explicit images of him and several female celebrities and exposed it to the whole world. or sth like that... great. -_-

to some of my friends, i think it wont come as a suprise to them that i am taking edison chen's side in this scandal. i was on his side all these while. lol its not because i think he's hot and all. but then heyy, i won't say its all his fault ya know.

omgg..can you see how hot he is?!?! lol..seriously !
i mean..hey i thought he has already been branded as a bad boy of some sort. so why does it come as a suprise that he does these kind of stuff? and to those ladies who did it with him, don't la act all innocent and shit. you're not a victim okayy..you're just as guilty as he is. because you did it voluntarily. maybe its true, but i find it hard to believe that you were all drugged or sth.

the infamous gillian chung and edison chen's pictures. look at her expression man. -_-"

and, dude i think this guy deserves some privacy. maybe thats the way he likes to spice up his sex life or sth like that. yea la i know he's probably kinda DUMB to not remove those images before sending it for servicing, especially when he's a CELEBRITY himself. but then who the hell is this KIRA fella who is leaking all these pictures la. i heard there are videos as well. and then there's the media [newspapers, magazines, etc]. okay, edison chen SEX SCANDAL, big story, must publish it, etc. in the meantime, edison chen's career was destroyed. gillian chung's career is probably on the way there already also la. the other female celebrities i dont care la. my point is, who benefits from all these? a chinese newspaper reported that hong kong people are scared to buy newspapers already because of the news and PICTURES about this scandal being published everyday. this news leads to people wasting their time gossipping about it [people like me, i admit >< ], careers being destroyed and all. i dont see anything positive coming out from this scandal being published..besides the fact that the size of edison chen's penis is now revealed. hehe LOL


sighh...i don't know man..but then all these could have been saved from the eyes of the world if the media did not report it? or maybe if that KIRA fella did not expose the pics or sth? or maybe if edison chen was actually wise enough to remember that he is a celebrity and remove those explicit images before sending his laptop for servicing..=/

to all you horny people who wants to see the explicit images of him and his...accomplices? lol yea..click <= la.

oh well..at the end of the day, like it or not, it is out. he is screwed. but then again, maybe the media should think about how many lives did they destroy just by publishing the news. nothing is earned. some people are now scared to buy newspapers. so even THEY don't earn anything.


omg...i totally forgot about THANK YOU FOR SMOKING article.

best thoughts.

i have come to realised that my best thoughts are never my first thoughts.

tien hou temple on the night of cny eve. this pic doesnt even feel cny-ish la..-_-

happie chinese new year everyone !

its the year of rat/mouse this year

no waitt...not that one..

this one..


is it me or does cny just don't feel the same this year?
it didnt really feel like chinese new year..
even when i went back to my mum's hometown in teluk intan..
did not get along that well with my cousins..
i felt out of place at that moment.
but i guess things got a little better
spent the night at kampar
then the next day when we headed over to ipoh to my aunt's house
i forgot why
but we were suppose to continue our journey to penang to send my sis back to usm
but then there were change of plans
and my bro and i stayed back in ipoh while my parents, sis and aunt went over to penang and spent the night there.

felt a lil guilty for volunteering to stay back in ipoh considering that my sis and i just argued the night before and the next time im gonna see her is on her graduation.
PLUS, i heard he was in penang and i wanted to contact him when i go penang..or sth like that.
but oh well..it isnt all that bad staying in ipoh though..
met up wif si soo jue liene and chin kar yan..
too bad i didnt get to meet ipoh's born and bred child, triple C aka chong chee ching ! =/
got quite a number of angpaus.hehe :)

ang paus..bwahahahaha

went IPOH'S JUSCO with them and jue's cousin..
stupid shoes were hurting and causing blisters..
and saw that dj there..ughhh..lol
and my fav cousin brought his wife and 3 year old daughter and us for nice dinner and a trip to IPOH PARADE !
wooohooooo !
i've not been there okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...><>
its cute to see my cousin with his wife..still so loving and sweet :)
but im not quite sure how ipoh's family system work though..
their kids seems to spend more time with their grandparents than their parents. lol

i forgot what i typed all the way up there already la..how on earth did i even get to ipoh's family system.. -_-"

wait wait wait...
did you knowwwwwwwwww
that there's places to live in and a car park ABOVE digital mall ?!!?
i didnt know.. *shy* lol
*salutes jue's dad*

and btw, blogspot really suck big time la..

all these big and small and weird spacings..grr


college at 9 later...damnnn..*grumbles*