do you know that
you're still the last thing on my mind at night before i sleep
and the first thing in the morning when i wake up
funny how it seems as if you never left my mind..
i guess you really didnt..
i dreamt of you last night.

apit-g oh apit-g.

even jue liene blogged bout apit-g production already la.
how can i not blog bout it right ???

i lazy la.

i don't have pics.hehe
go jue's blog to read la. haha
im proud of us though ! :)
we rewarded ourselves fairly well i must say. :)
warlords !
an extraordinary movie where all three main actors(jet li, andy lau and takeshi kaneshiro), and jue and i cried.
ky n mich tak tau la..
but i would like to believe that they did too.haha
and i will never forget the cappuccino coke. blehh

my life is made simple.

i have been staying up at night for the past few days watching this hong kong drama series online. the title? life made simple.

wahliaooo...i didnt know the poster looks like this. -_-

there...the one about a retarded fella named ah wong.
i'm sure a lot of people have heard of this drama series before la.
who knows..astro probably showed it a million times already.

but as a NON-ASTRO SUBSCRIBER..aka me, i had just recently knew the existence of the modern version of this drama after watching it on rtm2, saluran ceria anda.
the drama ended on tv already btw. [episode 32, final episode, last thursday, 17th january 2008, 7.00pm]. lol

damn nice la.
ah wong is a seriously damn good actor.
even a retarded fella cant be as retarded as him.
there were a few tear jerking scenes.
and being an emotional person, duh i shed a few tears.
aiyerr..been having 'eye washing' sessions for almost every show that i've watched la. -_-"

but then again, there were scenes where ah wong is like so damn freaking annoying. he kept disturbing the romance between catherine and michael.
michael is like...oh quite the handsome. :D but too bad, dia agak skinny.
and and and..i really tak berapa boleh tahan guys who wears slingets/sleeveless shirts to show off their armpit hair. dahlah tau hairy..cover it la..if don't wanna cover, then shave it la. its gross la. -_-"
but its all cool, he's still quite handsome. haha
those are their names in the drama la.haha
don't ask me for their real names la. i don't know laaa..

overall, the treatments for this drama series is pretty impressive as they managed to make the audience feel the emotions and message they are trying to convey.
wahliaooo..putting my field production knowledge to good use. haha

im bored la.
thus causing me to actually blog about..umm..this drama series. lol
i feel like the only child in the family now that my sis is still studying in penang and my bro went to penang for work. not so cool being the only child. too much attention. haha
bro's coming home tomorrow though. i think...

i felt like playing with colors. haha

2007. memorable...or not?

so..what happened/what did i do throughout the whole 2007 ? i know its a lil late for a new year kinda post. but heck. its my blog. i want to remember what happened to me in 2007 when im 70 years old, hopefully happily married and rich with at least a son that goes by the name cyril who is loyal to his parents aka me and my husband. plus, its still the first month of 2008. hehe..

fung wai cheen :

became a lil more independent.
became a LITTLE more feminine. i
became more computer literate.
celebrated christmas ?
can't enter youtube. bloody hacker.
can't use mozilla firefox. double bloody hacker. may your comp get stolen.
definitely became more exposed to the world.
drove for the first time.
fell asleep in college.
finally overnighted at karisha's house.
found relaxation and love in jigsaw puzzles. :)
found out indomee's existence in mamaks. *shy*
got a blog. :)
got a free condom. o.O
got a job.
got a laptop.
got a scholarship.
got addicted to coke.
got addicted to bee fatt's chicken rice.

got fooled.
got her postpaid line. :)
got her postpaid line terminated. :(
got her spm results.
had a surprised birthday celebration.
had an argument in college.
had another romance started from pasarmalam. again. lol yea i still miss you. :( lol
had ice cream cake for birthday.
kept in touch with old friends.
learned illustrator and photoshop.
lost old friends.
lost new friends.
made new friends.
met jordan1 for the first time.
met jordan2 for the first time. its two different jordans. one's an online friend. the other's a jay chou. hehe
nearly crashed the car the first time she drove.
realised that most of the designs seen everywhere can actually be made so easily. can't believe i used to go 'whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..damn nice' at some simple design. -_-"
realised that life after secondary school can be a total bitch because of some bitches that will never die. lol
realised that wang lee hom is hot.
saw wang lee hom for the first time.
shaped her eyebrows for the first time. =X
skipped classes.
started college.
started craving for chillies in almost every meal.
started sleeping late.
started spending very little time watching television.

started and stopped played gunbound. lol
still can't trust people.
still don't eat fish.
still don't give a damn about new year resolutions. heck..i don't even have them. lol
stopped asking for money from parents.
stopped wearing school uniforms. =b
was part of apit-g production. :D
was the youngest in class. :D :D haha
watched the most advertisements in her life.
went clubbing for the first time.
went for a showcase for the first time.

went johor for the first time.

went karaoke for the first time.
went kl to look at *censored* for the first time. people who know me well enough should know what is it. i were so excited/kan cheong. haha

went to the ORIGINAL kluang station.
can't think of anything else now..but i'll definitely remember that i...


what bout you ?
what happened to YOU throughout the whole year of 2007 ?

black getz.

ouch. that hurts.

he told her he wasn't ready and walked another gal.

it doesn't feel so worth it anymore.

procrastinator : me

guess where i was on new year's eve ?????????
hint: -_-"

new year post after exams kay ? =)
doubt that post will ever come..
but don't lose faith in me !

btw, im sorry to the friends i have been neglecting for some time..

dressup dinner aka gals night out was cool
especially that story telling session.

although i was more interested in that tom n jerry game in em's phone.haha
thanx mel for making it happen..=)

after several attempts..haha

i really do hope it's gonna be a better year this year though..=l