i have selective memory disorder.
but of all things to choose from,
i chose to remember the memories you and i made together.

i'm bored
yet i refuse to complete my article
my procrastination is taking over me
die la
cannot like that lehh
finals coming !

ever wondered why i rarely post pictures up ?
even if i do, there's no more than... one pic ? haha
i dont know how to arrange them all nice nice laaaa ! -_____-
fail la...cannot make it..

i see so many people signing in
but none of them was him
i feel so...weird =/
i know its not gonna happen man..
what the hell am i doing la..

i asked my mum the other day,
me: do you think something can still happen for mr handsome n i ?
mum: CAN CANNN..why not..but then..how i know..but if you really want it, IF something happens then be serious la..dont play playy..mr handsome is a good fella..

and my mum only caught a glimpse of him once like...a long time ago..lol

the next day,
me: i think i wanna forget mr handsome la..
mum: good la..concentrate on studies la..all these love love things next time la..
me: o.O

oh well..words are meaningless unless you put some action to it..[im bad with phrases i know]
you see..till now im still thinking of mr handsome.. =(
aiyer..sien la

wang lee hom sangat handsome !
and he just came online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay ?

thanks for trying to cheer this faggot up..
seriously appreciated it.