i miss you when i dont see you
when i see you, a million things run through my mind
as much as i want to talk to you,
i get so nervous i keep forgetting what i want to say to you.
its funny how life works sometimes dont you think so?

" she drew a heart on the frosted window,
with his name written in the middle. "

-stolen from mandy's friendster..so yea..not much of my own creativity.. -_-

oh well...finally after one month and 12 days..im updating my blog ! yayyy..i dont think anyone reads it anymore though.. =(
anyways..hows life treating me so far? things are a whole lot better now. im emo-ing less.haha life goes on whether you like it or not. if you picked it up willingly, then you must be able to put it down when its time to let it go. june came back and left in 4 days time..came back again n left AGAIN in 3 days time..thats her definition of she'll be back for a week. its a brokened up week ! -_-"
im too lazy to continue typing. haha

btw, something corporate rules big time =)
i cant believe shen made me love it so much..

i love you ppl ! =)
im gonna post an entry on my thankfulness soon.
i owe some ppl BIG time and HUGE thanks.hehe