current location: starbucks uptown. ><
time: 12.00pm

i just realised that it has been exactly one month since i last updated my blog
oh well..
plenty of stuff has happened since the last post..
a) im NO LONGER emo ! *cheers*
b) i have a lecturer named strepsils.
c) im...happie :) hehehehehehe
d) i got my ice cream cake ! special thanx to jasmine :) are no longer needed..HAHAHA
e) love ? =D
f) etc..

i have no mood to write now la seriously..dont have INSPIRATION..! hahaha
so yea..i'll be back...maybe in a month's time :)

*ding* ei..i suddenly got inspiration already ! but i do not have the relevant information..haha so yeaaa...*runs away* i feel like eatin kfc..AGAIN..><